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WARNING: May contain slight spoilers for Mad Max: Fury Road.

I know it's only May, but I have already unapologetically rated [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) the best film of 2015. Filled to the brim with action and awesomeness the fourth film in the Mad Max franchise has impressed audiences all over the world.

Despite the film having been released in the US less than two weeks ago it has already inspired custom made cosplaying pieces, and today we see that the crazy vehicles featured in the film have also inspired some fans to recreate them, for themselves albeit on a much smaller scale.

A talented LEGO artist by the name of LEGO Will has recreated some of the most iconic vehicles from the film in miniature for your viewing pleasure, so please by all means WITNESS:

The War Rig

Furiosa's War Rig is basically the main setting for the entire film, the tricked out, reliable vehicle proves time and time again what a beast it is, and being recreated in LEGO (with a touch of creative license) it looks just as bad ass.

So. Many. Spikes!

LEGO Will even recreated the awesome front grill which fans of the film will know proved invaluable to Furiosa, Max and the Wives in the film.

The Gigahorse

The Gigahorse is the vehicle driven by Immortan Joe. In the film, the car is made from two stacked 1959 Cadillac's but LEGO Will has taken the Gigahorse to the next step by layering two Ghostbusters ECTO-1's to make the ultimate in film vehicles.

First they catch the War Rig, then they hunt down some ghosts!

The Doof Wagon

One of my favorite vehicles in the entire film had to be the Doof Wagon. This giant 'morale machine' was equipped with drummers, speakers and an amazing flame thrower guitar all intended to rally the troops and keep them pumped for battle.

The star of the Doof Wagon was of course the Doof Warrior (played by Australian musician iOTA) who, suspended by bungee cords, shreds both metal and flames from his modified guitar.

Taiko drummers on the back keep the rhythm for the others in the war party, and the combination of everything featured on the Doof Wagon now makes your average soldier playing a bugle call look rather boring by comparison.

Source: Kotaku


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