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It's been remade everyone... The next horror film in the long line of nothingness, carbon copies of the original.

Except, of course, for a few minor changes... This time there's a drill... This time there's a squirrel. The objects of... terror... have changed ever so slightly... Ever so... Whatever...

This is a pointless film. Although it is clear that some people have churned their way out to see this so called horror film... That seems to be playing for laughs instead of chairs. It is true that the original utilises the balance of comedy and horror- however the director, Gil Kenan doesn't seem to fully understand what made the original so effective.

There were moments of comedy to contrast with the horror, to make the horror more effective, as people were comfortably met with a sense of security. Laughing... Happiness. Then Spielberg... Or should I say Tobe Hooper... Would suddenly take control and throw a tree through a window. Or have someone slowly rip their face off...

Here it all just merges together into a fluffy mess of nothingness. As it follows from the children's perspective, the film then feels confused. Who was this film actually made for? It is true in the US this film is a PG-13- however in the UK, it is a 15... Everything simply feels watered down... Paper thin... And unscary.

However after all that, it moves along at a brisk pace, and it is well-made and directed. It just feels pointless. Millions of dollars pumped into a film that literally is the same as the original. It is true that will attract audiences to the original... But I feel that having a film reference a film directly enough would be just as effective.

As let's face it..Once an audience has seen a film... Why would they want to see the same film again, but an older version. I'm talking a very mainstream audience member... It seems we're forcing audiences to re-watch and embrace constant nostalgia without respecting or awaiting... or even wanting any kind of original content.

I'm probably just worked up... But I just do not see a place or point for this film...

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