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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

With The Flash finishing season 1, fans are very,very,very excited for what's in store for season 2 of The Flash. Although the speedster is taking a short break from all the crime fighting, the villains and the crime never sleeps (at least not until they're tired). In season 1 the main villain,the main big bad is Harrison Wells AKA Eoboard Thawne AKA Reverse Flash AKA Professor Zoom, but what about season 2? Who will the big bad of season 2 be? Well I have a few candidates for that question.

The Rogues

Of course lets start with the most mentioned and most (might be) popular Flash villains, The Rogues is a group of wanted criminals who discovers that they have one thing in common, their hatred for The Flash. They all became a team called The Rogues after they were broken out of jail by Gorilla Grodd. After again defeated by The Flash they form a lasting team and with the team no rogue would commit a crime without the rest.

Why they might be the big bad of season 2? - Well first of all we have most of the members of The Rogues, and the members have appeared in both Arrow and The Flash, during the Silver Age of Comics The Rogues were consists of Captains Cold and Boomerang,Heatwave,Pied Piper,Trickster,The Top,Mirror Master and Weather Wizard. Captain Cold,Heatwave,Pied Piper,The Trickster and Weather Wizard have all been introduced on The Flash also with Golden Glider while Captain Boomerang appeared on Arrow during the Flash and Arrow's second crossover event.

Why they might not be the big bad of season 2? - For starters, Captain Boomerang is on Lian Yu the island Oliver Queen has been on for 5 years, and then in the episode Rogue Air Weather Wizard and Rainbow Raider escaped and not with Captain Cold and Golden Glider, so they wouldn't be found for a while and there is no way Captain Cold,Golden Glider and Heatwave are going to know that Captain Boomerang is on Lian Yu. Pied Piper hasn't been seen since Sisco let him out to find Ronnie and Trickster is locked up, but I'm sure they'll find a way to get Trickster out and find Pied Piper.

Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd would surely be the big bad of season 2, at the last 5 episodes of The Flash we saw Gorilla Grodd in an episode and in that episode Grodd gets defeated by The Flash, but that doesn't mean he won't return. In the comics Gorilla Grodd got his powers because of a radioactive meteor/alien ship that hit Earth which is the same meteor that effected Hector Hammond. Grodd and his colleague Solovar went to the ship when they are given super intelligence and telekinetic powers by the ship's pilot. But on The Flash, Grodd was just an ape who turned to The Flash's worst enemy because of the PA explosion and also because Harrison Wells (Eoboard Thawne) and Gen Wade Eiling were using the gorilla as a lab rat.

Why he might be the big bad of season 2? - Grodd made an appearance in The Flash episode "Grodd Lives" and defeated by The Flash but we won't be seeing the last of him, because Grodd is a genius META-Gorilla and he will find a way to defeat The Flash.

Why he might not be the big bad of season 2? - Grodd is defeated terribly by The Flash and it might take time for him to recover and also even if he is the big bad or not he will appear in season 2, planning and finding a way to defeat The Flash, who knows he might even assemble The Rogues as a distraction.

Black Flash

That doesn't mean we can't dream right? Black Flash would be the least expected big bad of season 2, Black Flash represents the Grim Reaper of all speedsters, Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West, Bart Allen and other speedsters as well. Black Flash comes to the people who are connected to the speedforce, speedsters and (possibly) their wives or any family member close to that speedster, like when it came for Wally West to take him back to the speedforce he took Linda Park instead.

Why he might be the big bad of season 2? - Well with Eoboard Thawne AKA Reverse Flash dead we might be seeing him turn into Black Flash or perhaps appear in a vision or anything like that, like it says "The death of a speedster ALWAYS follows" so with that being said, Black Flash could be a possibility, I mean we do have Linda Park and Andrew Kriesberg and Greg Berlanti said they will be introducing more speedsters and metahumans in season 2.

Why he might not be the big bad of season 2? - It would be dumb to have the most unexpected character to be the big bad of season 2 and also he never appeared in season 1 so that wouldn't be a hint for season 2.

Vandal Savage

I wouldn't be a coincidence that Savage might be the big bad of season 2, because Savage is going to be the big bad for the Arrow and Flash spin off, Legends of Tomorrow.

Why he might be the big bad of season 2? - Vandal Savage has lived for millions of years and he is immortal, but when The Flash,Arrow and Rip Hunter assembled the Legends of Tomorrow, both Barry and Oliver looked like they knew Vandal Savage, the way they talk about him and also Vandal Savage might make an appearance, who knows because Legends of Tomorrow is releasing in early 2016 and maybe by then Flash already knows Vandal Savage. But it is just a theory that he might be the big bad of season 2.

Why he might not be the big bad of season 2? - Again it would be dumb, also it would effect Legends of Tomorrow because if Flash defeats Savage then Legends of Tomorrow won't exist, so there might be no way of Savage being the big bad of season 2.

Reverse Flash (Daniel West)

Much like Black Flash (actually nothing like him at all) Daniel West is the brother of Iris West, and he got his powers from both a Rogues attack and an incident which involved the Speed Force granting powers to several individuals and one of them is him. Instead of wearing a suit like the previous Reverse-Flashes he wears an armor that he can control, made from shrapnel from the Speed Force-supercharged monorail that was destroyed in the incident which gave him his powers. Like a fast devil.

Why he might be the big bad of season 2? - Daniel West might be the brother of Iris West, but that doesn't mean the CW can't come up with something to make Daniel and Iris NON relatives, they always do, plus with The Rogues having almost formed and the first Reverse Flash is dead, its safe to say that he might be the big bad.

Why he might not be the big bad of season 2? - For the last time it is dumb to because they never introduced him in season 1 (just saying) also it might be a little too early for Daniel West.


Who do you want to see as the big bad of The Flash season 2?


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