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In truth, mostly bad. The Suicide Squad, for those of you who aren't familiar, is a team of highly skilled or powered villains and anti-heroes coerced into performing covert, dangerous, suicidal missions for an invisible government organization, sometimes to a good end, but most of the time they just kill people. Confused much? Good, let's move on.

To clear up my purposefully confusing description, imagine a strike team of supervillains like Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and others, whose goal is to perform "suicide" missions. So, they aren't always fighting good guys, but, they're still the bad guys. Anyway, with the highly anticipated movie coming out in a year or two, Moviepilot asked its creators to come up with their own Suicide Squads, bridging fandoms and mediums to bring together the best team possible. So, without further ado, here is my Suicide Squad.

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson (DC comics)

Wait...that eye's gone. How's he aiming, anyway?
Wait...that eye's gone. How's he aiming, anyway?

Known for his ruthless tactics, hand-to-hand combat expertise, and mastery of every weapon known to man, Deathstroke is often the leader of the Suicide Squad of comic lore. I know that he's an obvious choice, but...that's why I chose him. He knows the protocol (if there is any) of the team, and knows how to lead a band of villains very well. His strategic mind, combined with a fighter that can take on Batman makes him the perfect leader for the team.

Marsuuvees Black (Ted Dekker's Paradise trilogy)

Who's this guy? Well, if any of you are familiar with Ted Dekker's writings, then you're already scared. Or fangirling. Or both. Basically, he's a man who uses powerful books to create a nigh-omnipotent duplicate of himself. The duplicate then kills the original, and uses the blank books (which, when written in, dictate reality) to create more monsters like himself. He can create weapons and fire out of nothing, is nearly invincible, and basically took over and destroyed a town single-handedly. He's a representation for the Devil himself in the series. Now, making a deal with the Devil might not be a good idea, but, Black has the power and the desire to do what the Suicide Squad does.

Frankenstein's Monster (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein)

Put some pants on, ya hippie.
Put some pants on, ya hippie.

And no, I'm not referring to anything the movies have thrown at us. I'm referring to the original Monster of Shelley's gothic novel. The Monster of that book is highly intelligent, incredibly strong, and able to be stealthier than many animals. He also is more than slightly psychotic himself. Did I mention that he's also kinda like a superhuman? Taller, bigger, faster, etc. than any human on the planet. In a way, he's like Bane. If the other two didn't strike fear into their opponent's hearts, the Monster would certainly do the trick.

Star Lord/Peter Quill (Marvel Comics)

"But wait!" you say, "He's a hero!" Yes, and no. Remember the title of this article? Well, that's how Quill sort of lives his life. Yes, he's a hero, but, he's an equal opportunist. He's a man looking out for himself, and if that means fighting for the bad guys, then, so be it. Now, I know that Quill has had an attitude adjustment over the years, but...don't tell me that Han Solo gave up smuggling just because he started fighting for the Rebels! Quill has skills that would make him highly desirable for a fire-fight of any kind. He's also a pretty good thief and smooth talker. And...he'd annoy the mess out of everyone else on the team, and what squad would be complete without one person that everyone can't stand?

Honorable mentions:

Now, I obviously couldn't pick everyone I wanted,'s a few that didn't make the cut: Predator, Boba Fett, Captain Hook, Nemesis, and Edmund Dantes from The Count of Monte Christo. Some of these people just weren't impressive enough, were too volatile to work in the team, or too cliche.

Well, I hope that you like this team, but if you don't, then that's fine! Write your own article, or discuss it with me in the comments!


What do you think of this Squad?


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