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10. Steven Spielberg snuck into a movie studio so he could show his movie ideas and he met a famous person he knew and the guy loved steven spielbergs ideas.

9. Steven Spielberg is one of the founders of dreamworks studios.

8. Steven Spielberg has six kids Sasha Spielberg, Jessica capshaw, sawyer Avery Spielberg, theo Spielberg, max Spielberg, mikaela George Spielberg, and destry allyn Spielberg.

7. Steven Spielberg made movies as a teenager.

6. Steven Spielberg and the rest of the cast in "jaws" were afraid of the water.

5. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas went to college together.

4. Ron Howard went to the same college as Steven Spielberg.

3. Duel is one of Steven spielbergs first movies.

2. Steven Spielberg was impresses by Shia labeoufs acting in "holes" so he recommended him for "disturbia" and after"disturbia" Steven Spielberg recommended Shia labeouf for "transformers".

1. Steven spielbergs first major movie was a movie called "firelight" an alien movie.


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