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Here are the four movie villains that I'd want to see team up in their own SUICIDE SQUAD.

I'm going strategical with my picks, the leader, the brains, the brawn and the psycho.

THE LEADER - Magneto

X-Men's Magneto characters has proved time and time again to be a formidable force. Not only because of his extremely powerful powers of metal manipulation but because of the team he leads; The Brotherhood. Erik Lensherr would lead my team of villains to victory.

THE BRAINS - Colonel Hans Landa

In Quentin Taratino's masterpiece Inglorious Basterds, we were introduced to one of the most methodical and calculating on screen villains in cinema history; 'The Jew Hunter' aka Hans Landa was a terrifying and intelligent presence.


Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 from the original Terminator film was a beast. Of course he later became the franchises hero, but nothing in the Terminator series has been more terrifying than the original T-800 who was sent back from the future to kill Sarah Connor. You command him to fight and he won't stop until your enemies are nothing but ash.

THE PSYCHO - Anton Chigurh

Javier Bardem's hairstyle in No Country For Old Men was enough to convince me that this man is a complete psychopath, but after seeing how he dispatches of his victims was more than enough. Bowl cut, captive bolt weapon and lack of remorse makes this villain a sure bet for my Suicide Squad. What's more insane then deciding whether or not someone innocent should live or die by the verdict of a coin toss?

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