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When I first saw the contest for creating your own Suicide Squad, I didn't think much about it. Recently, however, I was scrolling down Moviepilot's superheroes section, and I saw several entries for this contest that I decided to click on, and that's what made me decide to enter. I understand that you can use any villain from any universe in this contest, but most of the articles I've seen have had all the big baddies like Thanos and Megatron. You can't put a chip in the back of Thanos' skull and threaten to kill him if he doesn't do your bidding, it just won't work. Not to mention, you're getting judged on creativity and originality (Yes, I read the Terms and Conditions), and everyone is going to think to put the strongest villains of any universe into their cast of characters. In my Suicide Squad, my goal is to deliver a more strategic and unique approach to the contest. Even if I don't win, I hope you enjoy my choices!


The smartest man in the world would defiantly be a great member of any team. Ozymandias doesn't just have brains though, he's also one of the best fighters in the world, and being a former member of the Watchmen isn't a stranger of fighting for good. Not to mention, all Amanda Waller would have to do to get him on the team is make light of what he did to the formerly beloved Dr. Manhattan. Whatever comes the Suicide Squad's way, Ozymandias could handle it using his brains or his fists. Or his surroundings, or anything he could use as a weapon, or just about anything he really wanted to use to hurt somebody with.

Red Hulk

General Ross became so obsessed trying to capture the Hulk, he turned himself into a similar "monster." Apart from the Hulk, however, General Ross still has control over himself. Therefore, he would still serve his country in a team like the Suicide Squad, being the muscle and the leader rolled into one. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a four-star general leading your team and breaking down doors at the same time?


Is he good? Is he bad? Do we care? In the movie perspective, we all see V as the good guy, trying to save his people from a corrupt parliament. In the real world, he would be branded as a terrorist and we would be told to hate him by the government and the media (But that's none of my business). However you look at it, he is a rogue, and quite a philosophical one at that. Not to mention quite a badass with throwing knives. V wouldn't be the biggest fan of working on a government team, but he's just a man, and men can be broken. I'm sure if Amanda Waller threatened to kill Natalie Portman, he would do whatever she wanted.

John Wick

I bet you can't guess what movie he's from. Just like V, John Wick is perceived as the hero in his own story, but something tells me the government frowns upon killing around 100 people because the son of a Russian crime boss ( John's former employer) killed your dog. I think Amanda Waller could come to an agreement of putting him on the team if they forget about all the people he killed. Speaking of which, that's what John Wick does best, kill people. They call him "The Boogeyman," a nickname he gained when he worked with the Russian crime syndicate, completing missions others would call impossible. Turns out, John's not The Boogeyman, he's, and I quote, "The man you send to kill the f#$%ing Boogeyman!" Throughout the movie, we see John use every weapon imaginable, go into a situation with nothing and come out on top (of a bunch of dead bodies), and kill several people in the dark with nothing but their own guns and objects that surrounded him. Sure, he gets the crap beat out of him a lot, and I mean A LOT, but then he comes right back and does even worse to the other person. That is a skill that can be used in the Suicide Squad.

What do you think? Did you like my Suicide Squad? Did I win? Let me know in the comments!


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