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First off I was so happy to see that there are so many Buffy Fans out there. That I'm not alone in wishing that they would do at least something with the show. Please understand that I would love to see all the original cast return but that doesn't seem likely. And if they reboot the series there's a better chance to catch up with our favorite characters in guest appearances or cross overs like they do on Dr. who. Okay to those who are just joining us you might want to start here..,manual

But if your here just for a good story then please be my guest. Remember it is my job to convince you that a Buffy Reboot can and is possible. And all I'm asking of you is your time...

Slayers Supporting Characters and bad guys.

Eldora Ensari

Eldora called Pandora by everyone in the Corpse Brigade for her unstable behavior and the fact that she has killed six Slayers on orders from Ritter the Brigade leader. Pandora is the strongest Slayer ever recorded in Watcher history and almost two times stronger and faster then Buffy. She is Ritter's right hand and part of his honor guard that surrounds him at all times. Pan personality is sadistic and full of sarcasm.

Mandy Moore as Pandora
Mandy Moore as Pandora

Brief History: Eldora was raised in New York by her Uncle Pan. After a bitter family war and his sister dying in childbirth Pan thought it best to take Dora out of there home in Greece and find her a new life. The Ensaei was a proud family with both land and fortune. It was both easy and hard to sell what remain and move to a new land. Life became simple again for a short time. You see Eldora was a very sick child. Since the day of her birth it seemed the child cried endlessly. And once older she would cry out for no reason and sleep little at night. Her Uncle took her to a multitude of physicians who all told him the same thing. “It’ll pass.” And he almost let it go till one day when she was nine he met a man named Ritter. Ritter was a man of wealth who told Pan that the child was very special. She was having dreams and visions years before she should. That he knew people that could help her. Pan asked many questions about these people to no avail. Ritter tiring of Pan and his endless questions had him killed. And as the child clung to her dead uncles hand Ritter took her away to the Brigade headquarters in New York a place called Venscar. “The young girl was to be trained as a Slayer.” Michem Head of the Brigade had declared. But Ritter had other plans and used her to over throw Michem and seize control of the Brigade.

Priscilla "Priss" Rivers

In an effort to control Daniel Carpenter and focus his attention The Order asks him to join Hartford's school paper. Having little literary skills Daniel becomes a photographer and gets caught up with this piece of work. Priss is a writer for the paper who asks way to many questions about Sara's death and goes thru the day bossing him around. Priss is the season one love interest of Daniel.

Kay Panabaker as Priss
Kay Panabaker as Priss

Brief History: Priss is a bit of an over achiever. Took her first steps at 8 months, Spoke clearly at 11 months. And had planed out most of her life by the age of nine. Her mind just wouldn’t quit even when she tried. Which led to problems sleeping. In one such sleepless night she walked threw a plate glass window. Her younger sister Amber had lied and told everyone Priss had tried killing herself. Her mother took immediate action. And despite her father Willem’s protest placed her in an institution at the age of 12. After a year of time gaps and dark rooms Priss decided she would set her mind to getting home. She stopped taking her meds and concentrated her powers of persuasion and speech to sway a head Doctor on the ward. Who made arrangements for her release. She plotted and schemed how she would get back at Amber for lying. She decided “an eye for an eye” sounded fair. She would get Amber committed. Only when she got home Ambers room was gone. An office now occupied the space. You see, Amber never existed. Priss’ unending mind had made her up to explain why her mother would have put her in such a place. The answer “a Ring” she had inherited. That gave her a free ride plus privileges to Hartford worth a fortune that she now had to surrender to Priss. An invitation extended long before she was born. A birthright to Hartford School for the Grand.

Erica Hurst

Erica's is the daughter of William Hurst the man who shut down Hartford after Sara's death. He alone is reasonable for turning the eyes of the world upon the school. A place of many many secrets. So Rayford had his only daughter taken by a fire manipulating Vampire named Blight and his female accomplice Skyler. Unable to control her blood lust Skyler bites Erica and fearing Rayfords anger throws her from the top of a building. She is a Young Vampire who is out of control. To stake her would destroy William Hurst but to let her live others must die. Decisions decisions.

Georgie Henley As Erica Hurst
Georgie Henley As Erica Hurst

Brief History: “The world moves at the speed of life.” Or something like that. Its from some cheesy T.V. spot. Life Insurance I think. Anyway, It never rang more true as when this bitch decided to push me off the side of a building. As if kidnapping me in the middle of the night wasn’t bad enough. I scream as the whole world ascends around me. My eyes water and my ears pop as I reach the speed of 35 feet per second. I think of mortality for the first time in my fifteen years of life. “I’m going to die,” I think to myself. What a speck I was in this world. A footnote in the Book of Life. My body begins to roll with the wind as I reach the structures half point. “I should of asked to spend more time with my Father,” I thought. “I should of let Chris Collins kiss me after such a drawn out stare.” Is it warm out here? “My mind kept racing about what kind of a Corpse would I make?” I couldn't stop thinking “Will I be profile or full face?” Will there be a body at all? Or will what is left be cut to ribbons upon the glass roof lobby below? A blast of heat hits me, as for the first time I notice I’m not falling alone. There’s a man on fire falling with me. He looks like an Angel set ablaze falling from heaven. I’ve gone to Sunday school enough to know not to take his fiery outstretched hand.

He locks eyes with me. His look almost…. Sad. I Knew what it was. My time had run out.........

“You know when your young you’ll think you’ll live forever? Well lucky for me that’s an option."

Colwyn Marks

Colwyn is Honor's biological grandfather on her fathers side. He is the oldest Werewolf alive aside from his maker Rayne. Colwyn is known as "The Butcher" to the Watchers Council. Sliver hurts but can no longer kill him or so it is said. He is extremely powerful and quite dangerous. He loves to play games of life and death with his only surviving relative. Honor has been running from Colwyn for a very long time.

Alexander Skarsgard as Colwyn Marks
Alexander Skarsgard as Colwyn Marks

Brief History: I was born Colwyn Mune Capitolini. In Antium a province of Italy. Under the late rule of Augustus Caesar third Emperor of Rome. I was a centurion, proud citizen. Under General Gaius Octavia of the 4th Roman Battalion. And at the age of 17 I had yet to know true love. Sex, yes. As often as a young man could at that age. As friends boosted to have found “the one.” I found myself growing harden to love. “Love is for poets,” I would offend say. Truth was I hated them. It was the year after my mother had died that my luck turned. I remember it well. Pompeia had exited the house of her father in the company of her strange friends. I Couldn’t say it was love at first site but I wanted her. Her father was a former governor so she was of money. I remember finding her peculiar. She worshiped only one God to her fathers shame. A phase he called it. I found myself caring less and less about Gods and of Heavens that no man would ever see. We had the most amazing spring. She needed to know that I shared her faith before we married. So I told her I did. I didn’t believe of course, not completely. But there was bravery there to oppose such a giant even if only in belief. Life with Pompeia was exquisite. “She was a windfall,” Gaius had told me after a gathering. I was in love at long last. And as I fell into her I fell into her beliefs. She was so beautiful. Till a rumor of treason had started. First we lost friends then they came for us. I lost everything I held dear in a single day. I was sent to prison for plots made against the new Roman Emperor. Thrown in prison by people I knew. For two years I suffered the question. “What had become of my wife?” Till they brought us up for a banquet in honor of General Octavia. My old Commander and friend. We were to be in chains at the corners of the celebration. He would listen to me. I know he would. At the feast I was gawked by people who knew me, and mocked by people who didn’t. I worked very hard to get a glimpse of Gaius. Only to have wished I had failed. There was Gaius and at his arm a very pregnant Pompeia. And then I understood. Gaius has started the rumors and the One God truly only a phase to her. For the first time since landing in prison I cried. Openly wept in front of people who had at one time respected me. “Hail, mighty man of valor.” A mocking voice came. I looked and couldn’t believe my eyes. Before me stood a woman of hard beauty, only she didn’t move like a woman. I had a soldiers eye. It was like she was a God trying to dumb down her grace. Be normal. Was I the only one seeing this? “She’s pretty, you must be pissed.” She poked. “And what do you care?!” I yelled “I abandoned you, be gone and leave me to my misery.” Looking at Pompeia then back at me. “I am no God.” she said. “But, I know a thing or two about revenge.” I responded in anger, “ I care nothing for revenge.” I shouted to be heard, “I have been a fool in love, God and friendship. Free me and I will follow wherever you go. Spare me your lectures and I will do anything you ask. Take me from this place and I will worship you.” She then paid a handsome price for my freedom. And as they released me from my shackles she said “Your worship means nothing to me but I do reward loyalty.” She told me her name was Rayne. My whole world was about to change.

Xion Himmel

Makes his appearance early in season two. After The Order catches word the Knight Daniel Carpenter has been working closely with a Watcher and a Slayer. Xion a disgraced Order knight himself after killing one of there own was sent to set Daniel straight. Slayers no matter how pretty are not to be trusted and Watchers are nothing more then necromancers and Idolaters. Xion will do his job all while keeping a horrible secret of his own.

Jeremy Irons as Xion Himmel
Jeremy Irons as Xion Himmel

Brief History: I was a man at the eve of his whole life when the word of the Lord came to me as a mighty sword. And with it I became the strong arm of the church against demons, Evil spirits and Vampires. Leaving everything and all I knew in a single night. Even my son. And for five years I was in service to my church. Doing right, fighting for God's people till approached by a bishop called Uriah Constantino. An old friend with a questionable task. He told me that a man of great wealth and power had turned his sites upon destroying our church by sending people in and committing unspeakable acts in The Lords name. So he must be punished for his sacrilegious views and actions. "I am God's messenger, not executioner. I will not raise my hand to achieve what is clearly God's to do," I said. "I never spoke that he must die," Uriah quickly responded. "You've only to save his first born son from being raised a monster as his father." My face flushed red, "Save? You mean kidnap?!" Constantino responded as cool as if he were talking about the weather. "No, I'm talking saving this child's soil and destiny. That we might give him the chance from the cruel hand fate has dealt to him. I am asking for you to be this boys salvation. To set him free." And to my shame I believed him. He was after all a man of God. He was also a trusted friend. So I did the task. It was remarkably simple seeing that the mother was half dead at child birth. I quickly gave a prayer and left with the boy in my arms. It felt good, it felt righteous. Until I looked into the child's eyes. I had wronged this this boy for simply being born to the wrong father. My heart pounded as my very soil began to scream. Constantino's love for his church had exceeded his love for man. I had been lied to and committed a great sin against this child. A debt that I will never be able to make right. And to my endless regret not the last sin I would commit that night...

Okay, as usual let me know what you think and please leave your questions or comments below.


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