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So there is a contest for creating your own Suicide Squad and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to write a movie pilot article/post thingy so yeah.

So based on Mac from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's paradigm a good team consists of the brains, the looks, the wildcard and the muscle so I decided to go off of this to create my perfect Suicide Squad.

1. Dr King Schultz

If you have seen Django Unchained I don't really need to say much as to why he would make a very good leader as the brains of the team, he clever, cunning and good with a gun. He could lead a team into a mission and do it right. Just watch Django you'll understand

2. Catwoman

Catwoman is a very skilled, agile and beautiful cat burglar which would make her an excellent member of the team especially stealth missions, she's sassy, beautiful and dangerous.


Shocker would be the wild card of the group not really there for anything in particular but is ruthless and would make a good addition to the team he would be very good in combat and as a part of a team he would be so much better.

4. Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde

And for the muscle Mr Hyde, I mean just look at him, he's a behemoth, a monster, and to add to all of this when he isn't the hulking Mr Hyde, he is the intelligent Dr Jekyll so he is also the brains and the muscle. Which makes him an 'extraordinary' member of the team.

So they are my four Suicide Squad members. I hope you liked my ideas and I'm sorry it's not the best, it's my first time so yeah thank you for reading (:


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