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So it have come to my attention that it is a contest going on, where you should create your own Suicide Squad on four people

And this is my Suicide Squad:

1. Red Hulk (General Ross)

Every team needs a big guy. I chose red hulk that he can come in handy in big fights and when you need to melt down metal or something else, you just have to get him angry. Because the angrier Red Hulk gets, the hotter he gets. So if you have a mission to get over a big wall of metal, just get him angry and he melts a door for you.

2. Deadpool

I need a weapon expert and a immortal person for my team. As you know Deadpool can't die, so if you are in a gun fight and the bullets are just raining, just let Deadpool go in the lead and he will kill everyone.

3. Smaug

I need a beast that destroys anything in it's way. And we also need a mascot/pet that sticks out from the squad. He has armor like tenfold shields, teeth like swords, a tail that is a thunderbolt and wings like a hurricanes.

4. Thanos

A lazy guy who can achieve great things when the time comes. Destroy planets, slave a entire planet, prevent things before they happens (time travel), collect souls, open portals to new worlds and break the laws of reality. He can do all that with his infinity gauntlet and the infinity stones.

That was my list!

Hope you enjoyed it and hope I will be the one of three to win.

PS. Sorry for any grammatical error :(fa

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