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The group that I chose is solely based off characters seen in movies. Those are the only people that I considered when choosing the four who would be part of my personal "suicide squad." It may be a little different then what most people will post, it is a quality group of four villains from movie history.

“The Muscle”- When considering this concept of creating a villainous team, I broke it down to the four cliché aspects of any cinematic team (the muscle, the leader, the spotter, and the getaway man). The first member of this team will be considered “the muscle” of the group. There are plenty of strong villains to choose from to be used as the brute strength of the group, however I did not choose a stereotypical strong man for this spot. My choice is Imhotep from The Mummy. Why would I choose an undead skeleton as the strength of this group? With “the muscle,” that member is normally sent into a situation first to repel the initial attack of the target. Although being strong and large has advantages, Imhotep can suck the souls out of people. That is an unfair advantage that few other movie characters have had the ability to do. Also, in The Mummy, Imhotep is able to fight through fields of men throughout the movie with ease. Plus, he can whip up massive storms and an army of slaves to aid him in his mission. That qualifies as muscle in my book. It may be outside the box thinking, but I believe the Mummy himself would be a great asset for this position on my team.

“The Spotter”- This position can also be consider the sniper or the savior, but the point of the position is someone who will watch from the perimeter of the action and will be able to take out reinforcements, eliminate potential dangers from the team on the inside, and come into the situation to save the team when things might go horribly wrong. Similar to Deadshot (at least in my mind), this person needs to be a sniper of sorts with the hand-to-hand combat capabilities to enforce his/her will when it’s needed. My selection could have also been used as the muscle, however, the fact that Imhotep can whip up a slave army is an advantage that my selection does not have. The Predator would be the perfect spotter though for my team. The hunting machine that was originally seen in Predator, this alien fits the qualifications for the spotter perfectly. His laser shoulder gun would be ideal for sniping the reinforcements and dangers during a mission. When things get out of hand, Predator would be able to swiftly break in and handle the situation with its combat weapons (the sword that extends from his arm).

“The Getaway”- Every good team needs a getaway driver once the mission is completed. As seen in numerous movies and video games, the most intense moments are when the squad is trying escape. This team will need someone who will be able to handle the pressure of eluding armies at high speeds and under heavy gun fire. There are a number of characters who are well versed in the art of driving while taking fire, but none are better than Mad Max. A former pursuit officer, he makes the ideal man to control the escapes for the group. Since he is a former officer, he can predict the moves of the enemy in a pursuit. The four films that he has starred in demonstrate his capabilities perfectly.

“The Leader”- Along with responsibilities of leading the group, this position also has to be the brains of the operations (i.e. Hannibal from the A-Team). There are plenty of intellectual villains from the history of movies. To be completely honest, the first name that popped into my head when considering the leader of the group was Hannibal Lector. It is hard to argue that there has been a smarter antagonist in any movie than Hannibal. I was close to choosing him, however, Hannibal does not seem to be able to lead a group of people to a common goal (although I am quite certain he would be able to influence them into working for him). My selection has proven both his intellectual superiority and leadership skills. From Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadows, Professor James Moriarty would be the leader of my team. Perhaps the greatest fictional detective is Sherlock Holmes, and Moriarty was able to remain his intellectual superior throughout the entire movie (it took a suicidal jump to stop this man). Moriarty also has men working for him, which means there is leadership capabilities in there. His intelligence would be hard match in the world of criminal dealings where this team would be operating. The plans he would come up with would be genius and elaborate, which would make it hard to defend against.

There is the four member team of villains that would eliminate all who opposed them. Mistrusting and murderous, they fit the bill of what is expected out of a “suicide squad.” This might not be considered the best list created, but it certainly is creative and honestly a viable working team.


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