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Hey whatsup! This is my first post, so I decided to scour the depths of the multi universe that comprises the fictional and creative mediums of the world, and produce a list of my idea of the proto-typical suicide squad. I will not be putting any villains that are already known to have been on the squad, so it will be completely original! (I'll also avoid DBZ villains since they can probably take on any threat by themselves, the same goes for Thanos, Galactus etc.) The key in the word suicide squad, is suicide, so i will give reasons to why these certain villains, would be ideal for suicidal missions! WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE IS MY LIST!

1. Orochimaru (or Voldemort)

With my first selection, I looked for the villain that transcends death itself, considering the suicide squad was built on suicidal missions. Orochimaru, for those that do not know, is an infamous ninja hailing from the leaf village, considered one of the three great Sanin, aka ninja who can really kick a$$. Not only does Orochimaru stand the test of time, by shedding his external skin and replacing his aging body with a fresh new one, he is also one of the most powerful ninja with powerful summoning techniques and skills. If you are Amanda Waller you wouldnt have to worry about this particual squad member dying anytime soon.

Second Choice: Voldemort is also a good pick, as he can only be killed by slaying all 7 of his horcruxes, and since he all ready conquered death once, it renders him almost immortal.

2. Darth Vader

I wonder if his delicates are also part robot
I wonder if his delicates are also part robot

No list is complete without a lightsaber wielding force user. That includes my bachelor party (still waiting or Obi Wan Kenobi to RSVP). Darth Vader is one of, if not the biggest baddie in hollywood. Not only was he deemed "the chosen one" with immeasurable force abilities allowing him to lift tons and choke his enemies from a distant, he is also a very skilled lightsaber user, a weapon that utilizes a laser that can cut through virtually anything. He also commands a galactic empire that rules over the universe for a good amount of time, although i wouldn't count out the chances of him killing Amanda Waller for his son. But all in all, he is a weapon that can not only fight long range with the force, but close combat with his lightsaber, being a very versatile squad member. Being part robot also makes him very durable for those suicide missions.

Second Choice: Emperor Palpatine (i didnt choose him cause he is fugly, at least Vader wears a mask...jk)

3. Magneto

I wonder how much he paid for this photoshoot.
I wonder how much he paid for this photoshoot.

If you thought about the best comic book villains, Joker would probably pop into your head, but since he is already on the suicide squad, I went with this particular baddie. Magneto has the ability to control metal, which is a big deal considering EVERYTHING is made of metal. Yes, even your precious iphones and laptops, you may be using to read this article. That makes Magneto so versatile, that he can create weapons, shields, projectiles and anything he desired with ease to enhance and protect the squad. He also commands a evil mutant army, but those are just the minor details. If that wasn't enough to convince you, then consider this...Gandalf plays Magneto.

Second Choice: Mystique (for her stealth in literally being able to copy the physical appearance of anyone)

4. Bowser

Don't point out his weight, he is just big boned
Don't point out his weight, he is just big boned

Yes, that's right, I chose Bowser. Bowser is big enough to squash his enemies by just sitting on them, and he can literally breathe fire. He also commands an entire koopa army and has transcended his fictional medium by becoming a cultural icon. The most recognizable video game villain, he clearly holds weight to his name for a reason, being one badass, fire-breathing, big (boned), turtle monster thingy.

Second Choice: Majin Buu

So There you have it! My list of Suicide Squad Villains, which factors in the versatility and scale of power, along with cultural prowess and longevity (Vader, Magneto and Bowser being cultural icons). These particular four can fight on a planetary level, as they each command there own armies. Again this is my first post so keep that in mind (Please love me).

Honorable Mentions: The baby sun from Teletubbies, Joffrey from Game of Thrones (just cause I want to seem him get rekt), and Hans Gruber (cause Hans Gruber).


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