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  • first is " THE DARK PHOENIX"
    The Dark Phoenix Saga is arguably the X-Men’s greatest story, and it features a force they’ve never truly been able to defeat – The Phoenix Force, to be exact. A cosmic entity of rebirth, it possessed a young Jean Grey, giving her infinite power and a rad new costume. But when the villain Mastermind used his power to control Jean, she was corrupted by her power and became the Dark Phoenix.
  • 2nd is "DOCTOR DOOM"
    There’s no sympathizing with this guy. Dr. Doom is the epitome of arrogance and lusting for power. He believes himself to be the smartest, most gifted man in the world

  • 3rd is "MAGNETO
    Magneto is unique in that he could also be towards the top of a list of the best superheroes. As the founder of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants,

  • The Last Would be "THANOS" He's the most powerful SUPERVILLAIN! among the rest !!!

    that's my Pick ^_^

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