ByKate Quinn, writer at

Prison is insane. Yes, Johnny should have declared the dogs. He can afford a hefty fine. I don't make exceptions for celebrities either. I don't think he is above the law. However--this "ten years in prison" threat is merely a scare tactic, meant to freak Johnny Depp out, as well as his fans. I admit I was pretty upset when I saw Time Magazine write an article on it. However--I don't necessarily think they will jail him for ten years. If they do however...that will just kill Australia. Ten years is for murderers, child molesters, rapists, etc. NOT for dog smugglers. A hefty fine is appropriate, yes. But how dare they THREATEN Johnny Depp with TEN YEARS, when they are not talking about the same sentence for Amber Heard??? And what about the pilot??? TWO years is what they were talking about for that individual. But TEN YEARS for Johnny Depp? I smell witch hunt. They are just upset and begrudged because Johnny is a rich celebrity and Joyce and the others are convinced he thinks he's above the law. So they want to hurt him, badly. However--even threatening Johnny with ten years in prison is insane, and criminal. Let the man pay a fine, hey, make him pay a MILLION dollars if you're that upset. A milllion is not something Johnny can't handle. But Ten years in prison--just stop this insanity, Australia!!!


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