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The epic clash between Superman or Clark Kent(Henry Cavill) and Batman or Bruce Wayne(Ben Affleck) cover and directed by Zack Snyder, Dawn of Justice, set to release in 2016 unveil details step by step for their fans. The shanlian podcaster reveal that Doomsday, villian of Superman, will appear with Lex Luthor in Dawn of Justice. The Same podcaster also unveil the exact date of the first trailer launch for Batman vs Superman .

It all started in 2013, when it was first announced at San Diego Comic Conference. In the 2014, Comic-Con, the official trailer of Batman vs Superman debut. This year 2015, Comic-Con will present the additional details and various DC characters which are on fans wish lists like Aquaman, Cyborg, Green lantern, The Flash, Wonderwoman and many others. DC is planning something big for their fans. And are expanding their cinematic universe with earth greatest heroes.

Various things have been changed since the announcement of this film. There are rumors that Lex Luthor(Jesse Esienberg) will have a blonde look. He always kept a hoodie covering his head during filming. Another popular rumor is that Wonderwoman will be of age or older than other characters for Dawn of Justice, similar to Batman.

Zack Snyder also tweeted a leaner version of Bat mobile vehicle for actor Ben Affleck(Batman) character.

The fans speculate that the story is highly inspired by graphic novel "Luthor" which had a sequence where the two superheroes are fighting each other.


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