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When I first saw this new contest topic, I was so excited. " I could make the greatest team!" and then. Well. I drew a blank. I currently don't know what my final product will be. I'm just kind of winging it now.

So, here goes:


The master of magnetism leading a team of semi-villains? Wouldn't be the first time. His leadership skills alone made him king in the "House of M" story line, as well as the president of Genosha, his own, semi-private, "safe haven" for mutants.

Better "Matrix" your way out of this one!
Better "Matrix" your way out of this one!

Boba Fett

Okay, i had a break between writing Magneto and this part about Boba Fett, and I have the full team thought out. Boba Fett is the Star Wars galaxy's most dangerous bounty hunter. He's not afraid to shoot on sight. He will fulfill any mission. He is unstoppable, and the perfect candidate for the "shooter" category of the team.


Wait. Boba needs a movie. More on that later.

The Predator

This guy right here... he will MESS. YOU. UP. He's part of a race that goes from planet to planet, hunting the most dangerous game. In Earth's case: humans. He fulfills the slot of the team for "animal" and "melee", so he's the perfect addition. I also considered putting Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series, but Predator won out, mainly because I don't know enough about Mortal Kombat.



Then there's the mastermind. Not necessarily the leader, but still the absolute genius who can orchestrate everything in quite an amazing way. That one scene in Sherlock where he had the one phone with all of the apps contributing to him stealing the Crown Jewels in the final episode of the series. I think that he's the perfect final member to make this Suicide Squad all- around unbeatable.

Mm-mmm. Studious.
Mm-mmm. Studious.

There is is. A Suicide Squad that could take down any threat put up to them. I really hope i win. I like these contests.


Who doesn't deserve to be on this team? Tell me in the comments who you'd replace them with!


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