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Eat With Me is the story about Emma, a mother who is going through a slump with her husband and, like any true mother, decides that being with her son and helping him with his problems will help keep her distracted. Along the way she discovers the truth about him and learns a little about herself, too.

1.The food looks incredible

You don't want to watch this movie on an empty stomach. If you do you'll find yourself wanting to learn. I definitely felt my stomach growling while watching it.

2. Nicole Sullivan is sweet in it

She plays the intrusive next door neighbor, and becomes friendly with Emma as she is getting to know Elliott, her son, again after time apart. And her getting Emma to dance is hilarious.

3. The friends steal the scene

The co-workers in his restaurant are great. They are blunt with him, but clearly care deeply for Elliott. Jenny is the best, taking on a motherly role, trying to make Elliott push past his issues

4. It doesn't focus on any one relationship

While at times that can be a bad thing, in this movie it works. This could've easily become a tedious overprotective mother with a rebellious son story. Or a romance between two men.

Instead, we get friendships, we get glimpses at relationships and lives. We see both mother and son step out of their comfort zones and learn more about themselves.

5. The romance is sweet, though

Elliott is a gay man who has never had a real relationship, getting into one with Ian is life changing. Ian takes him out on real dates, shows him affection, and makes it clear that he wants to be with him - which is something that Elliott has never experienced. It's endearing to watch.

6. George Takei has a cameo in it

He has a nice moment with Emma, talking to her about the fact she has a difficult time accepting that part of her Elliott's life and that she can't protect him from the prejudice that could come from his life.

Eat with Me is a movie with a lot of heart, and a lot of love, no matter what relationship you have. It will be available on DVD on June 2!


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