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It has been common knowledge as to the fact that Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) had bombed at the box office. This could be for many reasons varying from the short handed Super Skrull cameo, to the nerdy meteorologist's wet dream of a Galactus.

However, it is arguable that the only good part of the film was the portrayal of the Silver Surfer. Having been a long time philosophical front-runner for the marvel comics group in the 1960's, the Sentinel of the Space-ways was an excellent opportunity for FOX to explore the cosmic reaches of their cinematic universe.

Sadly, questions about the Surfer's origin well left unanswered to the movie going population when the franchise ultimately failed. Fortunately, now that SONY's ownership of the Fantastic Four provokes one question...

Will the Silver Surfer have another chance?

Could the element of the 2007 Fantastic Four film that saved it from being a total failure be re-made through the creative reaches of his new owners? If so, we may even see the Galactus that we all hoped for and wanted.

If and when this part of the Marvel Universe is re-explored as an opposing force to future Fantastic Four film, who would you cast as Norrin Radd (Silver Surfer) himself. Even so, who would you want to be Galactus?


Would you want the Silver Surfer back in the Cinematic Universe


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