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Shad Allen Scott

This time, Your Moment of Rage will be pretty short. Just something that’s bugged me forever, and the more I think about it, the angrier I become.

I have been exposed to three (four if you count when it was done on GLEE) viewings of the play version of GREASE. I’ve also been outvoted many times and had to watch the movie version countless times. All of that is time I won’t be getting back. I could have been coming up with a cure for cancer, or figured out peace in the middle-east.

Let’s focus on just the ending, shall we? Sandra Dee and John Travolta had a chance encounter during summer break. But now that school is back in session, he wants to look cool to his friends so he dumps her (and somebody drops the most offensive line in the show “Eugene, you’re a faggot!” Not gonna lie, I was ready to kill everyone in the theater. But then Sandra Dee gets a makeover, both physically and spiritually. She becomes the type of woman he could want to get together with. She throws of her shackles of innocence, whores up, and flies away with John Travolta because everything’s okay. The message is clear. Girls have to make compromises in order to get a man. Never be ‘you’, a man doesn’t care about that. Just become assimilated completely.

That’s a pretty shitty message, considering young girls love watching this movie. What kind of message are we sending kids with GREASE? Irresponsible filmmaking, irresponsible writing.

You know what I say? F*ck ‘em. You be who you are and one day you’ll find someone that can handle whatever you’re dishing out.

Women, you’re better than this. And yet it’s the same ol’ WOOO Girls that want to sing GREASE songs. I wonder if they even stop to think about what they’re singing. Somehow I doubt it. Thus is the essence of WOOO Girls. WOOO Girls are a whole other Your Moment of Rage that we’ll get to in the next couple weeks.

You remember those dumpy 90s romance movies? She’s all That, and the like? In those films it works in reverse. The girl wants the guy, but she’s wearing her hair tied back, wears glasses, does art, and wears frumpy clothes. Then, a miracle as the girl lets her hair down, takes off the glasses, dresses nicely and BOOM! Suddenly everyone wants a piece of her. I hate those movies too because they perpetuate a stereotype that to be loved by a man, you must conform. And f*ck conformity.


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