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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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In this race to see who can make the most lethal Suicide Squad team, I think I may have just created the most dangerous Horror - related squad possible. And that's mostly because the skills and abilities these four individuals have are diverse enough to guarantee a successful mission every time.

Let's take a look..

First Member / Hannibal Lecter / Leader / Planner / Strategist

For the leader of this squad, I've chosen Hannibal Lecter, the iconic villain from The Silence of The Lambs. Why is he the leader you ask? Because he has what this team would need as far as strategically planning and directing the rest of the group. He also has a very calm and intelligent demeanor to him, which never fails to deceive his enemy's into thinking he wouldn't harm a soul. How could a man as intelligent as Hannibal lecter be monstrous enough to eat other people?

Skills and Abilities

  • Extremely Intelligent
  • Extremely Deceiving
  • Extremely Charismatic
  • Extremely Unpredictable
  • Escape Artist

How Would He Contribute To The Suicide Squad?

By strategically planning and directing the rest of the squad. He will always have a plan A, B, C, and more if he sees the need to have them. He is unpredictable and very deceitful as well. Which will in the end help on more than one occasion.

Second Member / Pinhead / Co-Leader / Executioner

And for the second position I've chosen Pinhead. Specifically for the role of the co-leader and executioner. Pinhead is no stranger to pain and especially loves to inflict it onto other people. He's also the leader of a group called the cenobites, and is basically the head general of Hell. So he has plenty of experience in leading, and even more in executing his victims in terribly awesome ways.

Skills and Abilities

  • Extremely Powerful

  • Very durable
  • Teleportation

  • Can Create Objects Out Of Thin Air

  • Deceitful

  • Immortal

  • Expert With Magic

  • Master of Pain

  • Extremely Intelligent
  • Experienced Leader

How Would He Contribute To The Suicide Squad?

Pinhead is a very experienced leader and would serve well has Hannibal's right hand man in executing whatever plans they may have. Pinhead is also extremely powerful in more ways than one. And would do great in leading the final two members of this squad. Both of whom aren't easy to easy to tame.

Third Member / Freddy Krueger / Dream Demon / Secret Weapon

The third member of the squad is the one and only Freddy Krueger. And he was chosen because he can do something no other villain out there can, and that is control the dream realm. With infinite power in the dream world Freddy can take out whoever he pleases with ease. He may not be the best at following orders from Hannibal and Pinhead, but then again, all he has to do is be the secret weapon for the team and attack the target in their sleep. Which is what he does anyways.

Skills and Abilities

  • Mind Reading

  • Shape Shifting

  • Manipulation

  • Can Change Surroundings Completely

  • Possession

  • Superhuman Strength

  • Extremely Durable

  • Invincible

  • Immortal

  • Creative Killer

How Would He Contribute To The Suicide Squad?

With complete control over the dream realm, he can enter the dream of the intended target or targets and finish them from there, that's how he would be the teams secret weapon.

Fourth Member / Michael Myers / Invincible Serial Killer / Brawn's

The fourth and final member of this squad is the notorious Michael Myers. Who'll be playing the role of the brawn's on the team. He usually isn't a team player and does all of his own planning and executing on his own. But with his skills combined with the rest they'd be unstoppable. I deeply considered Jason for this part, but after considering both I figured a brute with brains in better than a brute with no brains.

Sorry Jason!

Skills and Abilities

  • Very Regenerative

  • Superhuman Strength

  • Extremely Stealthy

  • Can Be Creative

  • Invincible

  • Very Smart

  • Can Be Very Handy

  • Can Seemingly Teleport

  • Extremely Durable

  • Escape Artist

  • Extremely Quick Reflexes

  • Extremely Mysterious

How Would He Contribute To The Suicide Squad?

Michael Myers not only has more strength than six grown men combined, but he is also extremely stealthy, and very smart. He's also extremely durable and can survive almost anything you throw at him. His infiltration skills are incredible as well and he could easily get to the target without excessively killing everyone around him too.

Overall Squad Conclusion

Overall I think I have just created possibly the most lethal, horror-related, four man Suicide Squad. They overall have every part of what it takes to create a successful team. With Hannibal strategically planning out the teams mission, with Pinhead enforcing that plan and directing Freddy and Michael in battle, with Freddy skillfully attacking the targets when they are most vulnerable, and with Michael Myers stealthily killing anyone who gets in their way. They would ultimately be



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