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This suicide squad is supposed to be a realistic task force that could function properly in the REAL world....with some exceptions .

  • #1) James Moriarty

Everyone is familiar with the criminal mastermind and nemesis of Sherlock Holmes.A "consultant criminal" as he calls him shelf would make a great leader of the group simply because he is the most dangerous criminal mind in the face the earth.Let's not forget that he broke into the Tower of London and into the Bank of England and when he stood in trial he was found to be innocent by the jury.

  • #2) Alex Delarge

The most lovable and crazy sociopath of cinema.He is bold,aggressive,young and vicious.Can we really ask for more ? Yes we can he has a love for the old ultra-violence.He would make a great wild-card.Did I mention he adores Beethoven's 9th symphony ?

  • #3) Jason Voorhees

Hardly any team would be complete without the "Muscle".A member that can punch (in our case slay) it's way out of every situation without being injured.Jason has a healing factor ,he doesn't talk and he won't stay dead.He might have a problem with following orders but if Cap can command Hulk to smash, then anything is possible.

  • #4) Bellatrix Lestrange

She is ominous , unpredictable , powerful and just abominable.She would make a strong female lead and also has a tend to worship a strong and malicious leader.


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