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If you're looking for a movie that follows the Bible, don't bother. I honestly came into watching this, knowing that Hollywood would NOT follow along the words from the Bible and find ways to "drama" it up. For example is the Bible it is written that Noah, his wife, his sons and his sons' wives were in the ark, not just one wife. There was no mention of her not being able to bare children, and all that followed with that. Again, that's just one example, so you can understand my point. In fact GOD was never mention, just merely implied with "The Creator". So with that said, I was not surprised at all when I was watching it, as some people have been, from what I've been reading. I watched this movie from an entertainment view, not from a Biblical view. (Just an FYI)

As a fictional movie it's not a terrible movie at all. The storyline is decent and different from what we've seen in Hollywood thus far. You have Noah who has been charged by the Creator to build an ark that he and his family along with a pair of all the living creatures have to get on and survive the flood that is to come. Of course you have an evil king and his followers that want to stop this from happening. In the midst of it all, Noah struggles with what he's being charged with to do and his own family.

The acting is good and believable. It was weird seeing Emma Watson outside of her Hermione role in Harry Potter.

The graphics were for the most part great, I especially loved the scene where the greenery begins to grow right around Noah and his family, pretty cool special effects right there in that particular scene. I don't recall a time when I was watching and was like, "oh that's horrible looking." Probably the only time I remember kind of being like, "meh" was the big rock figures and how they looked and moved.

I usually don't notice the music too much, not sure if that's a good thing or not, but the score on this movie was quite good. It definitely helped set the mood on some scenes. Sound effects were pretty much on point with what they should be, from what I remember.

I gotta say that when I saw the wardrobe of the characters I was a little put off, of what they were wearing. The clothing seemed a bit too advance for what I thought might have been back in those days. Weapons looked believable in action and I gotta admit that snakeskin around his arm was pretty cool looking when it was glowing.

Again, definitely the the worst I've seen and as a fictional stand point, decent. If I were rating this from a Biblical stand point it would DEFINITELY have a MUCH lower rating than what I gave it here. I honestly don't know why you would want to create a movie based on a biblical character and not follow the story as it was written. But none the less, still a decent movie to watch. Again, don't go into it thinking it's based on the Bible. Instead go in expecting to see a fictional movie. I think you'll enjoy it a little more than that.


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