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I've watched tons of horror movies, it's my favorite genre, so a horror blog just seems to make sense
Shad Allen Scott

So what’s coming up this week?

Blu ray collection reviews: CUJO, THE CRAZIES (remake), and that’ll do it for the Cs. But we first have to go backwards because I’m the schmuck that went and bought THE BABADOOK. Now I have to go watch that and review it too. Then hopefully we’ll be into the Ds by the end of the week (DAWN OF THE DEAD, DAY OF THE DEAD). I also have a new feature that started with the piece on Dario Argento. A chat about director’s that have influenced me in some way. So that’ll be a weekly thing going forward. Still teasing the idea of doing some NEW videos, or a special guest of some sort.

Anyway, keep your eyes out for all of that.


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