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Not too long ago the trailer for the nbc supergirl came out. It was very good and got us excised for the show. Not too long after the internet gifed us with the lacked pilot. With a whole summer in between now and when it airs looking at it is risky. With all the new and returning super hero show coming In the fall how dose supergirl stack up? I'm gonna try to make this a non spoiler review but know if it's in the trailer it will be in here.

Let's start with the cast. Melissa benoist plays Kara aka supergirl. She dose a great job playing the Super and the nerd parts of the characters. If fact only Christopher revee did did the nerd part of his character as good. We have cat grant played by Calista Kay Flockhart who is best known for ally mcbeal. Karas adopted parents are played by Helen Slater and Dean Cain who played supergirl in the movie back in the day and superman in The adventures of Lois and Clark. Other characters include a two love interest in the from of Jimmy Olson and a guy who look and acts more like Jimmy Olson. And a sister. The writing so far has been great and the sets look very well put together.

They change a few small thing in ssupergirls story but they are not bad changes and add to the story. It seems like it's gonna be a alien of the week kind of thing which could work. My favorite moment was when Kara is mad about being called supergirl and confronts her boss cat grant about it and cat say "what's wrong with girl? I'm a girl and beautiful and powerful etc, if you think being called girl is anything but excellent then the problem is you". It takes the agreement that girl is degrading and flips it by asking why. The powers we saw in the episode was very well done. I feel this show could be as good as the cw flash. I only see two flaws. One is no well known bad guys yet. Hopefully soon we will see some like lobo or maxima. The other is the before mention Jimmy Olson looking and acting noting like Jimmy Olson. He is played by a pretty boy black guy who is riped. I have hight hopes for this show and am looking forward to episode two.


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