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So as many of the moviepiloters know there is a contest for a Suicide Squad roster and the best part is no genre confines. This is my Suicide Squad...

1) Angelus -BTVS

Noted for his savagery by his fellow villains on the show the demon with the face of an angel is an optimum pick. Well versed in all forms of torment , a master manipulator and a brilliant tactician the psyco vamp is a clear contender for suicide squad material.

2) The Abomination -Marvel

Former KGB Agent Emil Blonsky can more than give Killer Croc a run for his money in the brawn department. The Gamma Ray drenched monster man rivals the hulk in sheer force and retains his human intellect to boot.

3) Cheshire -DC

As every roster needs a combat master and feisty femme Fatale . When Black Canary calls you the second most dangerous assassin next to Lady Shiva you are definitely deadly. A master martial artist with poisonous nails.

4) Mystique -Marvel Comics

I mean come on, the woman can be anyone, knows just about everything , has an insane amount of contacts and can seriously kick some ass. Agility, shape shifting, a healing factor and near immortality makes her a clear asset.

While many may disagree with my roster I feel that these villians and antiheros have the making of a decent Suicide Squad .


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