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Since the contest is happening I figured why not make my own Suicide Squad! So here ya go!

Dean Winchester:

If there is any one thing you should know about me it is that I am a die hard fan of Supernatural. The action, brutality, and family feels combines to create perfection. Dean is my favorite character he has bad ass combat skills, driving skills, and ability to not die skills. He is a natural born leader able to make tough choices and still have compassion for whoever he's leading.

Next up, Hellboy:

Just a straight up bad ass, he is extremely talented with his kick ass revolver, he can probably punch through titanium, and he is more than willing to put his life on the line.

Now for, Aragron:

AAAAAHH! *Nerdgasming so hard* Okay, i'm calm now. I love the Lord of the Rings franchise, the movies are amazing, they make you want to strap on some armor wield a big ass sword and go fight some orcs. The coolest character, in my opinion, is Aragorn. The lost kind of Gondor raised by the Dúnedain. You have got to love an underdog!

Now last but not least, Donald Glover as Miles Morales:

I will hope for this casting decision until the day I die, I know Donald is getting into his early 30's but Marvel can find a way around that! I love Donald Glover A.K.A Troy A.K.A Childish Gambino! Plus, an alternate dimension Spiderman, WOAH.

I truly hope you enjoyed my entry post into the best Suicide Squad contest, I encourage you to make your own, it is so much fun!


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