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After seeing the Create Your Own Suicide Squad Contest, I am here today to tell you my four choices for my Suicide Squad. I decided to not use any characters from DC or Marvel for the sake of authenticity.

Without further ado, here's my squad.

J. Daniel Atlas (Now You See Me)

J. Daniel Atlas from the 2013 film Now You See Me (portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg) is definitely an interesting character. He pretty much doubles up as villain and protagonist (as do almost every character in that movie).

I chose Atlas as the brains of the squad. He has a similar role in Now You See Me, being the leader who calls almost all of the shots. But he won't just be the brains, his skills in illusions and magic would also prove useful in the field.

Marv (Sin City)

While not exactly a full out villain, Marv from the 2005 film Sin City (portrayed by Mickey Rourke) is definitely on the wrong side of the law, which is really all you need to be in the Suicide Squad. Marv is one of the most badass antiheroes you'll meet (if he doesn't kill you first, that is).

I chose Marv as the brawn of the Squad. He's tall and buff, and can basically survive anything you throw at him. Give him any weapon, gun, knife, blunt object, and you can be sure that he'll find a way to kill anyone and everyone you tell him to.

The Spy (Team Fortress 2)

We're leaving film territory for this one. The Spy is one of the nine playable classes in the first person shooter game Team Fortress 2. The Spy is definitely one of the most popular classes (hell, he's Gabe Newell's favorite).

I chose the Spy as the infiltrator for the squad. The Spy is a master of diguise, and is able to disguise as anyone he sees. He can also use his watch to turn invisible, as well as use his sapper to take down automated sentry guns and other machines. His weapons of choice are his iconic switchblade knife as well as his revolver.

The Gourmet (Tokyo Ghoul)

Shuu Tsukiyama, otherwise known as "The Gourmet", is definitely one of the most insane characters in the anime Tokyo Ghoul. He is a ghoul (humanoid monsters who can only consume human flesh to survive) who is obsessed with the flavor of humans (and occasionally other ghouls).

I chose the Gourmet as the psycho of the team. Because if we've learned anything, no team (especially the Suicide Squad) is good without some craziness! As a ghoul, Tsukiyama has a kagune, which is a tentacle-like organ that acts as a ghoul's predatory and defense mechanism. Tsukiyama's is more blade-like, and he sure does love chopping people up with it. As it goes with characters like Harley Quinn and the Joker, his insanity actually makes him incredibly useful. He has no resistance to killing, and he will kill a lot if it means succeeding in the mission.

That's the squad!

Those are my four choices for my Suicide Squad. What are your thoughts? Cool? Stupid? AMAZING? Let me know in the comments.


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