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umar faridy

Here is my submission for the create your own Suicide Squad Contest

Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier is awesome and is my first pick for a member of the team. He is a trained assassin with many weapons and fighting techniques. Did I mention the bionic arm?


A classic villain of the TMNT. He is a trained ninja with great speed and agility. He has those claw things on his fists and is also strong from what I've seen of the character. A great addition to my Squad.

Bobba Fett

The great Star Wars bounty hunter. Armed with his blasters and skillful abilities, Bobba Fett fits in perfectly with the rest of my team.


A member of the squad in the comics. He's got martial arts, swords, guns, heightened senses, you name it. Great leadership skills as well, perfect recruit.

That's my team, what did you think?


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