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Michael Seaford

I heard about this contest and my reaction was


But, I figured out a loophole...


So, Without further ado, here is my Suicide Squad

They are Antiheroes/Villains

I added a couple heroes because I felt like it

#1. Peter Petrelli - Heroes

I know, I know, he's basically Rogue.

He just narrowly beats her out because

1. He's my favorite on the show, and Rogue isn't my favorite X-Man

2. He absorbs powers without knocking people out

Extra Tidbit : His mama made sure of it :)

3. In the beginning of the show, he didn't have to touch the people

Extra Tidbit: If you think about it, Heroes is just like the X-Men and the Inhumans. Jeph Loeb is Marvel's TV Overseer for a reason.

Peter Petrelli can replicate other peoples powers, including several at one time. He also has a badass scar.

#2 Batman - DC Comics

I don't think I need to explain my reasons, but they are here:

Batman is the strategist of the team.

Batman has no powers, but is still as awesome, if not more awesome, then the rest of the Justice League.

Batman is awesome

Batman shows knows when or when not to show mercy

Batman is awesome.

#3 Han Solo - Star Wars

Han is the no nonsense, awesome, kind of guy.

He is the Rick Flagg counterpart, the awesome dude you want.

He never gives up, and is the guy who can pilot for the team

He's super grounded, and is a real-world type of guy.


#4 HULK! - Marvel

Hulk survives anything.

Bruce can serve as their tech/science guy, and Hulk is the muscle.

They are both the brains and the brawn, and a big green fighting machine.

He can just kick butt.

He is the wild card of the squad, the uncontrollable one similar to the Joker, except more strong and less, well, insane.


I'm not gonna explain these much, because they don't count, but I think that you can infer

Deadpool - Marvel

Thanos - MCU

Phoenix - Ultimate Marvel

Martian Manhunter - New 52


Hiro Nakamura - Heroes

Future Hiro, not current

Black Widow - Avengers

Abed Nadir - Community

Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock

Binary - Marvel

Her most powerful form

Flash (Wally West) - New 52

Spock - Star Trek

Professor X - Ultimate Marvel

Caesar - Real World

Dumbledore - Harry Potter

The Doctor - Doctor Who

Reed Richards - Ultimate Marvel

It's quite a lengthy list, but I have a hard time making decisions


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