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He's made it out of the jungle and into the city, its Predator 2 on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. Blood, gore and Danny Glover! What more could you ask for?

One might say this is a frustratingly hard game, but why would we want it any easier? Let's face it games these days have become a little too easy? Apart from the likes of Bloodborne and Demon Souls, but anything else just doesn't compare in difficulty.

Predator 2 came from the days of the password system where this was your only way of saving progress. But don't get me wrong, I think I actually preferred this, almost felt like an achievement to get so far and be rewarded with a level password that you could pass onto your friends and continue along together on their system. Bringing the social aspect of gaming to the living room.

Graphically a pretty looking game for its time. The scenery and level design reflects everything that you could possibly remember from the movie, be it the dark and dingy LA streets to the slaughter house or the predator mother-ship. Along with this a great and very memorable and atmospheric soundtrack to boot.

My only problem with this game was the controls. Your hands will cramp to the max. But its worth it! Either way lets see what you think. Take a look.

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Who's the better Predator destroying machine?


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