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I first heard about this movie when i watched a video on Youtube, "The Problem with Horror Movies Today" by Chris Stuckmann.

First off different from almost every horror movie that has come out this past two years it doesn't go for cheap jump scares AT ALL. It is actually criminal how Jennifer Kent (Director & Writer) had me sitting squinting at the screen ready to jump out of my skin... waiting for the inevitable jump scare.. that wasn't going to happen. I do NOT get scared from horror movies, after jumping at the obviously placed Jump-scare the suspense was gone and the movie was no longer scary, it was merely funny that such a thing made my heart jump. I don't think my heart stopped freaking out from about 10 minutes in, to the end.

Secondly, Essie Davis... My God!! Now i find that this movie is really a metaphor for mental illness, Amelia (Davis) has been trying to deal with the sudden and supposedly gruesome death of her husband, Samuel, played by Noah Wiseman has never met his father as his death came as he was driving Amelia to the hospital to have him. So as Amelia has to try and deal with the obvious depression that comes with losing her husband, has to deal with what seems like a very strange, attention-seeking son. The way she portrays someone slowly being consumed by mental illness or "The Babadook", is absolutely amazing.

Jennifer Kent, The Creator of this Masterpiece managed to put together the most astounding horror movie i've seen, she made the home of the Vannick's so dark and depressing, so theatrical. I can't even begin to express for impressed i was by the way she makes the connection from the babadook growing in Amelia to Mental Illness. Mental illness is something that can completely consume, not just someones life and mind, but their families also. Which is what "Mr Babadook" is doing to the Vannick's.

Now i can admit that the son, Samuel Vannick is the most annoying child i have ever seen in a movie and it is sort of the reason that i deducted points from the movie as his character felt a bit 'Over-acted' at times which irritated me a little.

If you are looking for the best intense, psychological horror you have seen, i recommend this movie. Tried so damn hard to not give away the end here cuz jeez am i bad for that!!

Would you go see the Babadook? Or if you have already, what did you think?


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