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Alright, so there is a theory floating around that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's long lost brother, Rapunzel is their cousin, and Ariel found their parent's ship at sea and that was the ship she was playing with at the beginning of her movie.

Actually I had a different theory. If you look at the parents, they look slightly alike, but not enough to be the same people. However, the two boys... they look enough alike to be brothers, no?

Alright, so in something that I recently read, it said that the girls look nothing alike and that Tarzan's parents look more like peasants from England than royalty frm Norway, and I'm inclined to agree. So, here's my theory.

Tarzans dad an the king are brothers. However, Tarzans dad met Tarzans mom on a trip abroad and in a typical cliché prince-falls-in-love-with-commoner way, he is forced to renounce the throne in order to marry his love.

Ariel did, in fact, find Tarzans parents ship, and that was where they were playing in the beginning of her movie.

Now, as for the part about Elsa's parents and Rapunzel's wedding, I find no reason for that not to be true, and I can even take it a step further.

Look at the two queens. They look a lot alike. They could even be sisters. As for the men, they don't look that much like brothers to me...

But back when I said that Tarzan's dad had to renounce his throne, I never said that he had to renounce his throne in Arrendelle.

No, he had to renounce his claim on Corona. He is the brother of the king of Corona, not the king of Arrendelle, so actually Anna and Elsa are not related to him.

Elsa and Anna are Rapunzel's cousins on their mother's side, and Rapunzel is Tarzan's cousin on her father's side, according to this theory, which makes more sense being that honestly, on their way to Corona from Arrendelle, when would they have gotten onto a path even close to where Tarzan's parents wound up, in Africa?

The answer- they wouldn't have.

Congratulations. Your mind has been blown.


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