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It's simple mathematics.
Esteban Cepero

It turns out that MoviePilot has created a contest where us creators must come up with our own Suicide Squad team! In my team I don't want to pick characters that are very popular on-screen, I just want to keep it simple and create a team that will get the job done.

Many creators teams will consist the most strongest villains out there, but I want to focus on who can be the brains of the group and serve as the muscle. Villains that are smart & strong, that is why my first pick will be...

1. William Tockman or The Clock King!

Timing is everything! Like I said, I need villains who can work as the brain of the group; the person who will actually think situations through. Tockman makes sure that everything goes perfectly as planned. The Clock also has experience in leading a team of villains. His team consisted of Radiant, Sharpe, Acidia and Crackle. The team may have not been as organized as any other super-villain organizations, but it was good enough! The Clock King doesn't have any powers or abilities and can't really be counted as the muscle of my Suicide Squad, but he is extraordinarily smart. He has a time sense like no other.

2. Skeletor!

Yes, I said it! The Lord of Destruction/Overlord of Evil! Also known as the archenemy of He-Man! Skeletor! Every evil villain organization needs someone that's just all about evil! Skeletor can serve both as the muscle and brains of the group. He may seem like a cheesy villain at first but can be a very dangerous opponent. The guy is literally a demon! Skeletor has a ton of mystic powers and is an extremely powerful sorcerer that practices dark magic, such as the ability to teleport himself and others over vast distances, send telepathic commands to his minions, grow plants, hypnotism, illusions, reflection, freezing rays, open gateways between dimensions and is a highly skilled swordsman. Other than his abilities, his insults alone can really hurt the enemy!

3. Megatron!

The supreme leader of the Decepticons! Who wouldn't want an evil villain that caused the destruction of a planet and killed the leader of the Autobots on their team?! Megatron isn't scared to get the job done, even if it were to cost him his own life. Megatron completes his missions without mercy or fear. He is mostly criticized because he only transforms into a gun that his minions can use in battle; other than that, Megatron will put up a serious fight until he gets what he wants. That's why I want him on my team!


One of the most powerful characters among the New Gods and in the DC universe itself. Darkseid is just pure evil, wanting nothing but power and to cause war. He trains young children to be a warrior and become completely loyal to him and to him only. Darkseid can project Omega Beams that will not only disintegrate his enemy, but wipe them from existence. He can also teleport himself through time and space. Darkseid has superstrength which can only be challenged by Superman, Doomsday or Orion. Darkseid will become my main weapon and leader in my Suicide Squad! (evil laugh)

What Do You Think About My Suicide Squad?

This is my evil unimaginable Suicide Squad! The Clock King for the brain behind the operations, Skeletor, Megatron, as the muscle and Darkseid as the main leader for the evil team. Something bad is about to go down! Leave your thoughts about my Suicide Squad down below!


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