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Tyrion Lannister did not belong in prison. Though, some might disagree with that notion. His father, sister and brother are all loved for who they are. They all do what they need to and have always received more love than he did. But not that that mattered to him. Not until now. Not until the Suicide Squad found him.

Now he sits in a dark cell until they call upon him.

The sound of screaming has been ringing off these dark, sullen walls for the past week. From the moment they brought her in, the members of the Suicide Squad have been interrogating the woman. But Tyrion wouldn't really call it an interrogation. It was essentially torture.

Several of the members have gone in there. Most with names he can't remember. But the woman who runs this joint, Amanda Waller, has repeatedly come in here to these cells to gather one of the other prisoners.

A young woman with a strange laughter all her own. Her bubbly high-pitched voice has been eating away at Tyrion's ears. He finds himself both drawn to and repulsed by that red and black hair. And she seems just as insane as the recruit they nabbed from over in London.

Today, she walks out of the interrogation room with a discouraged face. Her eyes are narrowed, her brow knit, nose bunched up, and hands in fists.

"No luck, Harley?" Rick Flag, a member of the Squad who wasn't forced into the role a soldier in fact, asks the girl.

"What do you think?" Harley's thick Brooklyn accent both pierces through Tyrion like a knife and appeals to him in a strangely natural way.

Rick Flag escorts her back to her cell. He struts back down the hall to where he belongs, at the side of Amanda Waller, always willing and ready to do her bidding.

A few hours later, long into a nap, Tyrion wakes when he hears feet shuffling about. Normally, he wouldn't wake so he was ready to return to his slumber until he heard the sobbing. He sits up quickly and gets off of his cot onto his short, stubby legs. He waddles to edge of his cell and looks out as a group of people pass his cell.

Three soldiers and the woman they retrieved from London. He looks straight to the woman. Her hair is long, thick and shining, yet tangled and worn from being stuck in the interrogation room for so long and some other strain he's unaware of. Her face shows almost an absurd amount of beauty, with her thin lips, dark, heavy-lidded eyes, and strong jaw. However, those heavy-lidded eyes are filled with insanity as they darted about the hallway nervously.

Once they're past and long down the hall, Tyrion calls out to the one of the other inmates.

"Skywalker!" He calls.

A tall young man in a cell across the hall reaches his head between his bars to look at Tyrion. He has brown hair, sickly pale skin, and inhuman yellow eyes. His brown hair hangs in tangles around his head and he looks like he's about to fall asleep. Tyrion knows that if need be he could fight and kill everyone in this place. That's how the young Anakin ended up here.

"What, dwarf?" the youth responds gruffly.

Tyrion forces himself to ignore the slight. "Who was that?"

"How should I know?"

"They call her Bella," another voice drifts down the hall.

This one belonging to the worst of all the members of the Squad, in Tyrion's opinion. She strides down the hall unchained and out of her cell like Rick Flag does. Only, she should be put in solitary confinement.

They call her Maleficent. As if the name weren't indication of her evilness enough, her appearance is. She wears a black and purple outfit that hangs snugly against her slim frame. She has prominent facial features with her chin and cheekbones sticking out unnecessarily. Her eyes are yellow. Her lips and fingernails red. And thick horns sprout from atop her head. The only time she's more intimidating is when she has her staff with her, her chosen weapon.

"She calls herself Bellatrix Lestrange."

"Who?" Anakin asks unaware of the fear that Maleficent should strike into his soul.

She turns on him. "Bellatrix Lestrange died in London on May 2nd 1998." She looks back to Tyrion and he fees even smaller than just a dwarf. "And it appears she's your new teammate, fools."

"What?" Anakin says.

"Why?" Tyrion asks.

"Simple, fools," Maleficent says flashing them both a sultry look. "Amanda Waller said I'm your new team leader. And she asked me who else I wanted. I requested Bella." She turns without another word and stalks off down the hall from where she came. Skywalker calls after her shouting complaints, insults and other angered shouts.

Once again left to his thoughts, Tyrion thinks over how he ended up here. He's not a bad person. Not compared to some of the other people he knows, some of his family members in fact. But his family is in a vicious gang war over Gotham city. His family, being a rich and powerful contender in it, have been fighting several other families. Along the way, Tyrion has killed a few people. Most in the act of war in which others were also not caught. But there was one kill that ruined him. One, he hadn't even done. He was just framed for it. But that was more than enough to ruin his name as a Lannister and land him a spot here among some truly evil people.

And if that isn't enough, Waller makes them work as a team and go on these missions. His team has a mission tomorrow. And now, he has to work with Anakin Skywalker (the overconfident, constantly angry, angsty youth who straight up murdered everyone in his religion to join another), Maleficent (a sorceress with the ability to transform into creatures), and an insane woman from London who believes she's a woman long since dead.

The next day arrives far too quickly for Tyrion's liking. Amanda didn't waste any time before sending them off. The ride out to their destination was the longest ride he'd ever been on. Anakin was complaining about how he didn't get to keep the sword he'd forged and was given a baton similar to it that only electrocuted people. Bella kept insisting she was a wizard that fought at the Battle of Hogwarts to which Maleficent would tell her Hogwarts didn't exist. And Tyrion's ears rang the entire ride there. What made it worse is Maleficent wouldn't tell them the plan.

When they arrived, she didn't even tell them where they were. All Tyrion knew was it was a densely wooded area and it was dark, still night, meaning they were halfway around the world.

They hiked into a tunnel told they would be coming up unnoticed by their enemies.

"Are you certain?" Tyrion asks.

Maleficent's face was one without emotion, as per usual. "Don't question my authority."

"I wasn't. I was just making sure you had a sure plan. I will follow your orders whatever they may be."

Anakin scoffs. "Like you'd stand a chance without us, dwarf."

"Have a little faith, Skywalker." The youth's young, yellowed eyes flash at him and Tyrion smiles up at him. "Don't go force-choking me now, I might die anyways on this trip."

"Yes, but it won't be as satisfactory as it would be at my hands."

"Where's my wand? I can't fight without my wand." Bella pleads to Maleficent.

"Hush!" Maleficent orders the group.

In the dim lighting of the tunnel the group silences. Tyrion's eyes strain down the dark passageway to see what Maleficent's yellow eyes are focusing in on. Then, suddenly, he sees it. A shadow, looming and large rushing towards them at a fast rate.

"What is that?" Anakin asks.

"A Dementor . . ." Bella mutters out of fear. Glancing her way is enough to show that these creatures must not be trifled with.

As it approaches, Tyrion can feel sudden despair. Fear trickles up his spine like a slow-moving centipede. And the warmth seems to go out of the tunnel taking any light and breathable air with it.

"Anakin," Maleficent says. Tyrion glances towards the young man who calls himself a Sith, to see him wielding his baton in both hands, his jaw clenched.

"Yeah." He stalks towards the floating creature. "I know what to do."

He doesn't get far, however, and the Dementor, as Bella calls it, is already upon him.

"Let's go," Maleficent orders.

The remaining three start running past Anakin and the Dementor. The Dementor grabs Anakin and thrusts him back against the wall. Anakin's baton doing nothing to stop the creature. As they run past, Tyrion turns to look at the creature and sees an air current flowing from Anakin's face to what can only be perceived as the Dementor's mouth. It turns its head towards Tyrion and extends and hand towards him, momentarily ignoring the boy.

Anakin's hand thrusts forward and the Dementor finds itself unable to move anymore. So maybe that Force that Anakin spoke of does exist.

"Tyrion! Keep up or you will die!"

He turns forward as Maleficent's staff lights up the tunnel an eerie green color. Part of him wants to gape, but the other part knows he needs to focus on moving his stubby legs faster than they'd ever moved in order to keep up.

Following the tunnel, they wind left and right and enter a stairwell and start climbing up it. The minute Tyrion's foot touches the steps, he hears Anakin's pained screams. He looks over his shoulder to see the youth swarmed by at least fifteen Dementors. Lightning flows from his fingertips into the air forcing away the Dementors only for brief moments before they continue their assault.

Tyrion has to force himself to look away and bounds up the stair after Maleficent and Bella. At the top of the stair is a door old and wooden that won't budge no matter how much Maleficent pushes against it.

Maleficent looks down towards Tyrion helplessly. "It won't move."

"If I had my wand--"

"Oh shut up!" Tyrion and Maleficent say together.

The shrieking of a Dementor at the bottom of the stair catches Tyrion's attention. He looks over his shoulder to see the flashing of lightning still occurring below, however one Dementors has taken it upon itself to come after the other three members of the team.

Tyrion turns to Maleficent. "You get the back, the Dementors don't like the light. I'll work on the door."

"You better get it open."

The two switch places, leaving Bella in the center to panic alone to herself. As Tyrion's small arms and legs push against the door, he wonders why Bella came along. She hasn't done anything productive or helpful. She's only stood by as everything goes down around her.

There's a sliver of light coming from under the door towards Tyrion and he knows he's almost there. But, the door still doesn't budge and the Dementors are getting closer. Anakin's screams of pain get duller as if he were winning. Or dying.

"It won't move!" Tyrion says.

"I'm well aware," Maleficent retorts.

"We have to do something!" Tyrion shouts.

"I'm open to suggestions."

The green light from Maleficent's staff expands and pulses towards the oncoming Dementors. Suddenly, a blast of lightning shoots up between the three team members huddled on the stairwell. It connects with the door and hits the hard, metal lock.

"Open it now!" Anakin yells when the lightning is gone.

Tyrion gets one final glance into the darkness to see that the Dementors on the stair have disappeared and Anakin has appeared behind Maleficent. Tyrion forces the door open with all his might. He pours out onto the ground and only just barely pulls himself to his feet as the other three follow in behind him.

However, the Dementors follow as well. And as they enter, the light Tyrion saw through the door fades out.

"The light isn't enough," Maleficent says.

"Neither is the lightning," Anakin says raggedly, the blue lightning still flying from his fingertips, however now dying of energy and light as well.

"Now what?"

As the Dementors swarm overhead, Bella steps forward and spreads her arms out. She lets her head drop backwards with her eyes shut like an offering to the Dementors. She stands just beyond the ring of light as an easier target.

"Bella no!" Tyrion yells.

Maleficent's hand grips his shoulder like an iron clamp not allowing him to move. He watches in fear as the Dementors descend upon the poor young woman who sacrificed herself to save them. He tries to yell something, but his voice catches in his throat.

Bella's dark eyes open again and her mouth lets out a yell pronouncing something he's never heard before.

"Expecto patronum!"

When the light faded, the Dementors were gone. All that was left was Bella standing in the center of the room with her dark eyes burning with both excitement and anger.

"Bella, I--" Maleficent starts.

Bella shoots her a look. "It's Bellatrix Lestrange," she says. Her British accent changed slightly, as if she's more sure of herself, more confident, more alive. "And I will give you a Cruciatus Curse that would make even Hermione Granger talk if you ever think otherwise again."

She struts past them leaving Maleficent in a daze. Tyrion watches her go unable to find any words fit to respond to that. It's Anakin who's able to find his voice.

"The hell was she talking about?"

"Shut up, Skywalker."


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