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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
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It's a been awhile since I've done a contest on Moviepilot, I guess I've just been looking for the right one. Moviepilot has a new contest where we create our own Suicide Squad and I just couldn't resist. Here's my list:

1. Professor Moriarty

As the leader of my Suicide Squad, I elect the Napoleon of crime, Professor Moriarty. He is an expert strategist whose intelligence rivals that of Sherlock Holmes. He has excellent deduction skills and could make a great psychologist. Moriarty has handled the responsibility of an empire before so he will have no trouble with managing a team of four. He also is very good at predicting people's moves and would be a master combat strategist. sWhen the going gets tough, it will be Moriarty who makes the tough calls for the sake of his team mates and himself.

2. Magneto

Magneto would make an excellent member of the suicide squad. Not only is he extremely powerful, he has a will of steel. Magneto shows no hesitation to doing the inhumane and will do whatever it takes to do what he thinks is the right thing. He is brutal and merciless and would make a terrifying Suicide Squad member.

3. Sylar

Gabriel Gray is a force to be reckoned with and would make the perfect member of the Suicide Squad. He has a countless amount of powers from all of the people he has killed over the years so his skills would be essential to the mission. Sylar is no stranger to killing and will have no regrets doing the dirty work for the Suicide Squad. He is also stealthy and has a great deal of cunning which will make him very useful.

4. Barry Dylan

What would a team be without the comic relief? A terrible one. Sterling Archer's arch-nemesis is powerful, intimidating and bat-shit crazy. Not only is he a cyborg (Archer's greatest fear) with insanely powerful super-strength and is nigh impossible to kill, he also has psychotic tendencies that rival that of the Joker. He constantly talks to himself, often to give himself a pat on the back. It's this sort of mentality that defines a team. His insanity would keep everyone in-check and make others fear them even more.

Well that's my suicide squad, tell me what you think in the comments. Good luck to the other participants. Fare well!


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