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Assembling a bunch of villains together to do good? Who doesn't want that? So today I am going to bring together some of my favorite villains in film history for my own version of Suicide Squad called: The Deadly Alliance.

A dimensional rift has opened and this has brought a threat to four different universes: a man named Malice. By chance, four known criminals/villains were captured by Malice to be indoctrinated into his personal weapons, the four disagree and so Malice is forced to indoctrinate them forcefully. However an Earth organization called Providence is leading the fight against Malice and they save the four prisoners and bring them to the Earth of one of the universes. Their leader gives them the offer to have them set free if they help them against Malice and they agree to the terms. This team assembled is an odd one but they will get the job done.

The Deadly Alliance consists of four extremely dangerous foes from other worlds and they are:

Darth Maul - The Warrior of Vengeance

An alien with a lust for vengeance, Darth Maul's strange martial arts skills and his double bladed lightsaber combined with his power of the Dark Side make him a very powerful force to reckon with.

One great villain who's reappearance in Star Wars the Clone Wars has solidified him as one of the best villains in film history, I like him even more than Darth Vader.

Khan Noonien Singh - The Perfect Terrorist

Stronger than any human, Khan is also very intelligent and tactical but he suffers from being a megalomaniac making him a challenge for anyone who crosses him. Hopefully you are not "inferior" to him.

Many times in my articles I have stated that I adored Benedict Cumberbatch's performance as Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness and I would love to see him come back. Well with my little made up story, he can. One of my favorite villains who gave one of my favorite villain lines ever!

Faora Ul - The Powerful Amazon

An extraterrestrial from a destroyed planet. She was already a skilled soldier on her own planet but when the Earth's sun gives her unlimited strength, the ability to fly, and optic heat beams, she becomes a danger to both the enemy and us.

Even the half of people who did NOT like Man of Steel seem to have a similar opinion as the other half: Faora was quite a badass villain. I've even met people who thought Faora was a superior villain to the main villain: Zod. While I don't think she was better, I don't deny that I loved how she was done and who's to say that Phantom Drive didn't malfunction and send her to another universe?

The Predator (Or Yautja) - The Galaxy's Greatest Hunter

Multiple times, this creature's race has visited our planet to either hunt humans or defend them from another race of aliens called Xenomorphs. Wielding a vast array of high tech weaponry, immense strength, cloaking technology, and peeked hunting skills, he is on the hunt for the ultimate trophy: Malice's skull.

Who doesn't love the Predator? We've already seen an example of the Predator fighting evil in the third entry of the series Predators and it was awesome. Now imagine him teaming up with others to take on the big bad.

So that's my own little Suicide Squad and I had a lot of fun with this article. What do you think of this team up? Let me know in the comments down below!


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