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Obviously, if you were to create a villain squad to carry out government missions, you would need the brains, brawn, the hot head, and the all-around. So here is my (oh, by the way, name's Cooper Hoffman) Dream Squad.


You know, he wasn't always a hero. This famed anti-hero was once...a VILLAIN. Wade Winston Wilson has a very impressive skill set that would make him a great fit on my squad. He has superspeed, super strength, and super stamina. He is also very skilled with weapons, which is a nice touch. And with a super-accelerated healing factor, he kinda can't die.


Metropolis' most notorious billionaire is one of Superman's most formidable foes. He has a genius-level intellect, vast engineering knowledge, and also, a very skilled fighter.


I know what you all are thinking, "THIS GUY SUCKS. THERE ARE SO MANY MORE PEOPLE THAT YOU COULD CHOOSE." But on the contrary, Mary. This brawny mutant has all the credentials and more to be our brawn. Such as forcefield generation, superstrength, NEARLY UNSTOPPABLE momentum, and he is invulnerable to mental attacks because of that helmet.


MOLE MAN. (Don't worry, guys, I'm kidding.)


I know, it's a bit odd choosing this guy. But hear me out. He constructed a whole empire of destruction, causing billions of deaths. And he displays the best power in Star Wars HISTORY: Force lighting. And he has soooome temper.

With that being said, that is the suicide squad of my imagination. With Wade's unpredictably, Lex's genius, Juggs' strength, and Palpie's lightning, this is some squad. Thanks for reading! What do you guys think? Leave a comment below!


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