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My suicide squad these are the top 4 Bad ass movie a villain that would work as team

Number 1 : The leader Khan Noonien Singh - Star trek 2 The wrath of khan


The villain: While the Brog are the most spine chilling i have choose Khan.Khan was left seething mass of resentment while exile by Kurt.So good luck to anyone who gets in the way for him and his revenge

Meanest moment: What he done to spock. what else do you need to know

Number 2: The Ai HAl- 9000 -2001 Space odysey

'' I am sorry Dave i can't let you do that''
'' I am sorry Dave i can't let you do that''

The villain: The sentient on board computer system of the ship discovery one,whose offhand,conversational manner hides an uncompromising desire to see the mission through at any cost and if that any cost is the life of every human crew aboard so be it...

Meanest moment:Venting the ships oxygen into the vacuum of space, killing all the crew but one.If the movie has taught us anything its that computers can't be trusted.

Number 3: The Genesis Moriarty - Sherlock

"That's what people DO"
"That's what people DO"

The villain: Like two sides of the same coin but unlike Marlo Standfield's quest for power or J.R.'s financial motives,Moriarty's purpose would appear boredom or preventing a stasis from setting in. Personal he the best villain to every to live.

Meanest moment: Killing himself so that Sherlock had to jump killing himself as well.

Honorable mentions:

Colonel Hans Landa:

Hannibal Lecter:

Alex Delarge:

Mr Blonde:

Number 4 - The physco Bill the butcher - Gangs of New York

"Thank god i die a true American"
"Thank god i die a true American"

The villain: Bill might present him self as a charismatic rouge, but makes no mistake about it he as deadly as they come. A passionate patriot, his hatred for immigrants is only match by his love towards power and status.Oh and he has a glass eye which he likes to tap with a knife for effect.

Meanest moment: Beating Amsterdam live on stage, cutting dismisses him as a freak, worthy of Barnum's museum of wonders. "Not what you want to hear from the man who killed your farther"...


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