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All the hype about the Joker and Harley being in Suicide Squad has captured my attention, and this Marvel girl has researched DC comics. It looks like it could be an interesting movie, but I haven't been sold completely yet.

However, with the movie coming out next year, Suicide Squad has gotten me thinking.

Who would I choose to be on my Suicide Squad?

There are many villains in the world, but I have chosen these few. They aren't all from the DCU, but I think that they could work together and get the deed done.

Deckard Shaw

Deckard Shaw in Fast and Furious 7
Deckard Shaw in Fast and Furious 7

First up, we have my weapons specialist, Deckard Shaw.

This bad guy from Fast and Furious 7 is someone I would want to be on my team. He isn't scared to get his hands dirty, and he knows his way around weapons.

I would want him on my team to equip my team members with the weapons and armor they'd need. I also want his fighting skills and his need for closure. The guy doesn't give up easily.

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson

Deathstroke in CW's Arrow
Deathstroke in CW's Arrow

When it comes to crazy enough to do anything, Deathstroke is who I would choose. Even though the guy is mad, he thinks through everything.

Since he would be crazy enough to do anything, I would want him to be the main muscle of my team. With the Mirakuru running through his veins, his super strength would be running ahead of my team, keeping them safe.


Loki in The Avengers
Loki in The Avengers

Loki would be the leader of my team. His scheming mind I would want behind all the missions. Plus, if Deathstroke needed to be calmed down, I am sure that he could do it.

Plus, his ability to make apparitions would come in handy when making it look like there were more than just four of them. This ability could camouflage the team and get them into any building.

A Dementor

A Dementor from Harry Potter
A Dementor from Harry Potter

The last person that I would choose for my team is a Dementor. He would basically be Loki's pet. Loki would control this Dementor.

Who wouldn't want a Dementor on their team? As long as I wasn't going against wizards, this being would be almost unstoppable. Loki would use this Dementor to sneak into places they needed to go. No one would be able to see him.

Plus, he would make a great threat to make sure the other two people of my team stayed in line.

This post is also my entry into this contest. I hope you have enjoyed it!


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