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First and foremost because it's Quentin Tarantino. The director most known for his witty dialog in such films as "Pulp Fiction", "Reservoir Dogs", and "Jackie Brown". His latest films include: "Inglorious Bastards" and "Django Unchained". I can't do a Quentin Tarantino article and not make an honorable mention to "Kill Bill".

"The Hateful Eight" is the next Tarantino film, due to release on November 13, 2015. The film is set in a post-Civil War Wyoming. The film is about bounty hunters, betrayal, and deception. Those are very interesting ideas for a Tarantino story. The cherry on top of this, as most of Tarantino's films, is the very quotable Samuel L. Jackson. Consider making or thinking of a top 100 movie quotes list, and tell me what actor or actress will have more memorable quotes. Off the top of my head, there might only be one competitor, Will Ferrell.

The ideas he's playing with in the film, including betrayal and deception are particularly interesting after descriptions of the set size seems to bring back memories of "Reservoir Dogs", where a room of criminals are forced to uncover betrayal and deception in a fast forward and real life game of Clue.

I'm glad to see another Samuel L. Jackson role under the watchful eye of Tarantino, but I am also excited to see Michael Madsen, and actor I feel hasn't been appropriately used by another director in Hollywood. As for Kurt Russell, I am skeptical. He seems to play the same character in all his movies, and he even looks like one of them in this film (Wyatt Earp).

I have no doubt that Tarantino will knock this movie out of the park in every way. My biggest concern however, isn't necessarily related to this film project, but rather things said by the director indicating a retirement plan is in his near future.

When asked about what he would do if he wasn't making movies anymore he said this:

“writing plays and books, going gracefully into my tender years.”

After receiving strong opposition from a fanatical audience, Tarantino reiterated he was serious:

“I don’t believe you should stay onstage until people are begging you to get off"... “I like the idea of leaving them wanting a bit more. I do think directing is a young man’s game, and I like the idea of an umbilical cord connection from my first to my last movie. I’m not trying to ridicule anyone who thinks differently, but I want to go out while I’m still hard. … I like that I will leave a 10-film filmography, and so I’ve got two more to go after this. It’s not etched in stone, but that is the plan. If I get to the 10th, do a good job and don’t screw it up, well that sounds like a good way to end the old career. If, later on, I come across a good movie, I won’t not do it just because I said I wouldn’t. But 10 and done, leaving them wanting more — that sounds right.”

We better enjoy his films while we can get them just in case he's telling the truth. I have a suspicion however, like many directors or even sports coaches, when they give up their passion, they find themselves yearning. Let's hope if he does retire, that the yearn is strong.

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Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight
Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight

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