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So, here are my ideas for a really cool suicide squad.


Awesome as hell
Awesome as hell

Easy choice. Who wouldn't want the most badass character of all the Mortal Kombat universe in their team? He is strong, fast, bends fire and teleports. Not to mention, HE HAS ACCESS TO HELL. Whenever you need to stop someone, you just send Scorpion to find and teleport that someone to hell. And just imagine if you have to stop some blue guy called Sub-Zero. Man, Scorpion will take that task as if it was personal.


Don't mess with this guy.
Don't mess with this guy.

Obviously, we always will need a "buff guy" in the team. Somebody who, not only has the strenght to break everything in its path, but also inspires fear in the hearts (and bodies) of every enemy. Broly is the best choice.

Plus, he can freaking fly and shoot energy beams. If that's not awesome, I don't know what is anymore.


I'm watching you.
I'm watching you.

Metal bend? Checked. Leader? Checked. Flies too? Checked.

Magneto is awesome, and we all know that. I don't think there is much more need to explain.


Girls can kick your ass if they want.
Girls can kick your ass if they want.

The female of the group. There's no team without a girl in their lines.

But that's not the reason because I choose her. She can transform in every person she wants to, making her the best spy in the world. If you need to infiltrate somewhere, Mystique is the man (woman in this case) for the job.

These are my suicide squad's choices. I think that, having this team, every mission will be accomplished fast and well.

Hope you liked it!

PD: Sorry about my english, it's not my first language.


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