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Dear Amanda Waller,

I hear you are currently running a team out of Belle Reve, Louisana. I also hear that you are contracting them with the U.S. Government. You call them the Suicide Squad right? That's what I've been told anyways. As your faithful friend, I will support you in anything you do. But with all due respect, I believe you are working with the wrong members. I have compiled a list of four specials, as I call them, that I think could definitely boost your team's effectiveness. I've spent several years watching these specials during my numerous business affairs. I hope this list can benefit and encourage you. As always, you are the best and I will support you and your suicide squad.

Your friend,

Lex Luthor

The Team

The Penguin

The Penguin is a wonderfully grotesque and deranged monster. I highly suggest he join your team, Amanda. He's a freakish, sewer-dwelling, nightmare. He has great power and strength, but not just brawn. He could lead your team with his brain and his might. He has the potential to be king of cities, or a master puppeteer for a well-trained team. You should definitely consider Penguin as a future suicide squad member.


Khan is a fighter and a leader. He is strong, very strong. He is loving towards his family and loyal to his own people. He is also ruthless, crafty, and unpredictable. If you choose him, as I suggest you do, keep a watchful eye on him. He could make a perfect team member, however. I believe with his power, and Penguin's leadership, your team could be unstoppable.


Megamind is a team player. I highly suggest you recruit Megamind for your team, Amanda. He knows how to be evil, and he knows how to be a friend. He's done some shady stuff, and he's done some great stuff. He's a perfect anti-hero. With the brains of Penguin, the brawn of Khan, and the gadgets of Megamind, your team will succeed in everything they do.

Michael Myers

Michael is a killer; he was born a killer and will die a killer. He knows how to scare, how to slash, and how to stab. He will be the greatest asset your team would ever have. He kills because it's fun. He is brutal and merciless. Put him under your finger, and none will step in your way. I highly suggest Michael's talent for your team.


Who do you think the greatest villain of all time is?


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