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My picks for the ultimate bad guy gang:


This thing is an engineered killing machine that can take out people from water or land. He's easily trained and very smart. If you've seen the films, you know what I'm talking about. The main asset to this baddie is that if your target goes in a submarine to escape, this guy will take them out. Now, I just want to watch this!

Michael Myers

This guy is great for your classic hack and slash or slow walking attack. He strikes fear in anyone in his path for his sister. He doesn't speak so he wouldn't cause any problems to his team and he is an ace with a butcher knife. Everyone should watch out if they're on his list.

Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer only)

Every team needs a strong female if not more than one. Michelle Pfeiffer made this character a badass. She is not only great for seductive distraction techniques but she is able to beat up any guy, even double her size. She's a lethal combination of beauty and strength. Don't underestimate her. Meow!


Ok, so I'm a little biased with this choice as I love this character, mostly because James Spader is the king but he is bad. And not only is he bad but he's a genius. This is your plan maker and with the team I've laid out he has a killer for any scenario he can come up with. Not to mention, he's nearly indestructible. Let's all give him another chance.


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