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If you are a fan of Marvel, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Star Wars, Alien, or 90% of science fiction, then I'm your guy.
Jonathan Wesdog Castillo

1. Trevor Phillips - Grand Theft Auto V

Trevor has got to be at least in the top 20 of the great video game characters of all time. I think he is perfect for my roster since he is a complete psychopath. Being the loose cannon and full of firearms and drugs he would definitely kill it in the suicide squad. Trevor is someone who no one would want to mess with as evidently shown by some of his victims (Johnny Klebitz, the O'Neal bros, etc.). If there is anyone at all who needed to be in the Squad it was him.

2. General Grievous - Star Wars

The true definition of badass.
The true definition of badass.

The next thing a good Suicide Squad needs is muscle. Particularly a Separatist four-armed lightsaber-wielding alien robot hybrid. I'm just clarifying but just as long as Grievous could be as formidable as he was in Star Wars: Clone Wars the Squad would be very unstoppable. He is an extra set of hands (pun intended) for my roster.

3. Deckard Shaw - Furious 7

I know it is a little early to say this but so far Deckard Shaw is one of the greatest villains I have ever seen. Overlooking some of the obvious flaws (I'm just saying but if the Rock punched you, I'm positive you would stay down) he would be a reliable asset on the squad. His efforts to hunt down the crew responsible for his brother's injuries (also how did Owen survive the plane incident) were definitely not lackadaisical. As long as the crew is not after him again, Deckard would fit in with the Suicide Squad team.

4. Black Mask - DC Universe

Black Mask is one of the best aspects of the game Arkham Origins (plus being an excellent antagonist in Under the Red Hood). In reality I thought he would be an excellent member due to such interesting storylines in the comics. Especially how he poisoned Wayne Enterprise members with his lethal makeup. Anyway, his role in Gotham's criminal underworld is the reason he would make a good Suicide Squad both in mainstream comics and my roster.

So what do you think of my roster? I love listening to other's complements and critiques so let me know in the comments below.


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