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"It ain't the years, it's the mileage."- Indiana Jones

With the upcoming film, it makes your creative juices flow when thinking about what villains from TV and film would make the ultimate team! I honestly think of them as a motley group, that has come together for some huge score or to settle a score with someone each wouldn't dare take on alone! First off, I choose the 'muscle' of the team. A bad guy who loves to let his hands do the talking! Since the Predator is an alien, the only talking he'll do is copying his teammates in that sick voice of his. Who could forget him saying, "Whaaat the helll am IIIh?"

That's right! I want the original and actually scary Predator! The only one who could "orbit Arnold Schwarzenegger!" That line is a wink for later, BTW.

Next up, I want someone who is the polar opposite of the Predator. Someone who, instead of striking fear, strikes seduction and only when you're in her grasp, will you find it's too late! I choose the Witch of Salem, Mary Sibley!

Played diabolically well in the WGN show, "Salem" by Janet Montgomery, she is currently in a power struggle with other witches, with the mere humans as playthings. She has proven her magical and political prowess in a world of men and witches. just ask her poor puppet-controlled husband.

For my third villain, I would like a human to make all of the plans, or at least 'act' like a decent leader. Who on earth could stand beside an alien killing machine and a beautiful, power hungry witch? Remember that wink I mentioned earlier?

Hans Gruber is the gentleman's villain.

Hans is the type of villain who would be comfy dining with royalty, but one push in the right direction and his madness would rival the Joker's. Well-versed in every shadow of Government compromise, he would devise some devious jobs for the squad.

Finally, I want someone who can bring them all together and act as the wise old sage for the squad, as well as their secret weapon. No one fits the mold, or breaks it like Q, from Star Trek the Next Generation!

Immortal, grandiose and capable of making the vein on Capt. Picard's forehead nearly pop; he is absolutely what my Suicide Squad needs to keep things interesting and unstoppable. Q can after all bend time and space to his will. Hans falls off a skyscraper, Q brings him back. The Predator blows himself up, the same! Q, would of course enjoy sitting back, watching his minions battling the do gooders, but if Mary Sibley decides Q is too overbearing, she would have to secretly make Hans and the Predator see that it's in their best interests to side with her, but if Q caught wind of it, what a story that would be.

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