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There have been a great deal of updates on the upcoming Suicide Squad film. From images to videos on the set, we have seen the likes of scenes with Joker and Harley which just one of newest content for the film. However, a more intriguing factor has been revealed. When videos from the set emerged, what should appear then the Batmobile. The iconic vehicle was in hot pursuit as it chased the Joker's car throughout the streets. Now there are videos showing Batman on top of Joker's car. If it has not been made clear already it is now: Batman will be appearing Suicide Squad.

While there has been no word on whether or not Ben Affleck has signed to appear, it does seem that this new update all but confirms a reprisal from Batman. More to the point is that now that the Dark Knight has been caught on film for Suicide Squad, the question that many are probably wondering is what role could Batman play in the movie? Could Batman play an intricate part in the story, or will his appearance be a brief one? At the moment it is hard to say, but for the time being: here are four roles that Batman could play in Suicide Squad.

The Chase Scene

Perhaps Batman's scene of chasing the Joker is his only scene. It could be possible that the Dark Knight's screen time will only amount to the sequence we have seen from recent updates. This would be a bit disappointing given that the Batman's time in Suicide Squad could definitely be vital. Still if Batman is only featured in this chase sequence, then I suppose I cannot complain to much as the character is still making an appearance in the film.

Batman v. The Suicide Squad

Seeing that this is a movie about supervillains, could it be possible that Batman could play the role of the antagonist? The Dark Knight could spend the movie tracking down the Suicide Squad which could lead to a fight between Batman and Task Force X . Having a known good guy in role as the antagonist could very well bring a unique factor the likes of superhero movies. However, it is hard for me to see Batman in that kind of role in this upcoming film. The reason being is due to a matter of timing. If Batman's involvement in Suicide Squad was more apparent within the film's development, then perhaps this could have work. However at this stage of the game it is hard to see Batman as a major obstacle for this group of rogues.

Scene with Amanda Waller

From mediums such as Justice League Unlimited and Batman: Assault on Arkham, the Dark Knight tends to butt heads with the Wall Amanda Waller. Seeing that Waller will be playing a role in this upcoming film (and being played by Viola Davis no less), it is possible that she could have a scene with Ben Affleck's Batman. That would definitely be a factor that could work. A scene between Batman and Amanda Waller could help bridge Suicide Squad with [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870); not to mention pave elements for future movies. Plus a scene with these two characters could indeed be a dynamic moment. The fact of the matter is a moment between Batman and Amanda Waller would work to the film's advantage, and it would definitely be worthwhile to see.

Scene with The Joker

It is hard to see Joker go through a film without facing his adversary, and that does seem to be the case for Suicide Squad. However just because the movie will not be about Batman vs. Joker does not mean the two could not come face to face. Yes Batman will be chasing his arch enemy in a scene for the film, but I am talking about a face to face confrontation between the two. Perhaps Batman encounters Joker before the chase begins, or maybe the two could have a scene in Arkham Asylum. Whatever it may be, I think a scene between Joker and Batman in Suicide Squad would be great. Like a scene with Amanda Waller, Batman confronting Joker could create a wide variety of dynamics. Not only could it help set up the plot for Suicide Squad, but it could also give moviegoers an idea of what the world of Batman is like and where the Dark Knight is in his fights with the Joker. We know that there will be a chase scene with the two characters, but an interaction between Joker and Batman would just be icing on the cake as it could cement the elements that make up the DC Cinematic Universe.

Right now it is anyone's guess if Batman will have a major or a minor role in Suicide Squad. It is possible that one of my suggestion could come true. Then again it may be possible that all of them come true. Yet whatever plans the filmmakers have in store for Batman, hopefully his role in Suicide Squad will not just be beneficial for the film, but for the entire DC Cinematic Universe.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 6,2016.


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