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My friends and I have started a podcast where we talk mainly about movies but superhero movies always comes into the conversation at some point. Our podcast is called Friday Film Conversation and it is only on Soundcloud but just recently we've been live streaming it on our YouTube channel. We release a new episode every Friday and we've actual never missed a week. The usual hosts of the podcast are Brandt Goodman, writer and director of Dave Penn Vs. Himself, Logan Ferry, creator of Complete Formula Network, Noah Norton, known for playing Dave Penn, and Bryant Goodman, who will be playing Spider-Man in the upcoming film. It's lots of fun for us to do this podcast because we always talk about movies, so this gives us a reason to come together and talk about something we love. So, please give us a listen but if you don't that's fine because were still going to continue doing it.

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In our blog we talk about recent news and we release every Friday after the podcast.

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