ByStephanie Goddard, writer at
Laugh and a giggle and some crap talking
Stephanie Goddard

1.) Hannible Lector

well come on know he's got swarve, elegance, killer instinct and if gets peckish he got some idea of some fine cuisine

2.) Baby from the devils rejects

Baby well she's smoking hot, easily get men to fall at her feet (literally) and just a all round crazy lol plus then you got the family

3.) Jaws

Jaws well who isn't scared of sharks come on lol and if they grew feet like they have done in my nightmares then we all lunch... Maybe just me on this one lol

4.) Pyramid from Silent Hill

He is the brute in the gang strong , scary as hell, tall ,big huge knife he carries. All round just run

That's my gruesome 4 nightmare killers what's yours???


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