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Tomorrowland is about a magical, secret city where the greatest minds, artists, and inventors are all gathered to create a beautiful place without the war, greed, and negligence that plagues our world.

It’s basically Ted Talks...But a city….with jet packs….and robots….and George Clooney

For some reason Tomorrowland has critics yelling at Disney, "STOP PREACHING AND SELLING!" Does Disney just film movies to sell merchandise and put things in our head? Our answer is that "IT'S DISNEY!" What do you expect?

Once upon a time there were these things called movies and they told stories. Then Hollywood made so much money from branding, licensing and merchandising that they stopped telling stories and just started chucking stuff at the screen. -Kevin Maher [Times UK]

Seriously? Disney has been merchandising their products since 1928 with Steamboat Willie! Expecting Disney to not have merchandising for their movies is like EXPECTING merchandising for movies like American Sniper, or Birdman, or... Selma.

As for the "preachiness" of Tomorrowland... it's a movie with a moral, that's for kids! You can't subtly put a lesson into a kids movie, they would never get it. Think about all the jokes you didn't get from The Rugrats, Spongebob Squarepants, Powerpuff Girls or Animaniacs when you were a kid. It's much different now when you get the subtle intricacies of plot. But when you're a child, you need to have it laid out a bit more directly.

Some people just don't get it...

Deficient in magic and decidedly short on enchantment, as well as tiresomely preachy. --Frank Swietek [One Guy's Opinion]
Bird stages the PG mayhem with his usual grasp of dimension and space, his gift for action that’s timed like physical comedy. He keeps the whole thing moving, even when it begins to feel bogged down by preachiness and sci-fi exposition. --A.A. Dowd [The A.V. Club]
The glaring failure of Tomorrowland is that its central premise — children are the future — is almost completely negated by the preachiness of the execution and the clumsiness of the storytelling. -- Justin Chang [Variety]
I suspect there's a spectacular movie hiding in Tomorrowland, but you'd have to get past the preaching to find it. --Adam Tobias Watertown Daily Times

On the other hand, there are people out there that do get what this movie is and enjoyed it with their child-like sense of wonder.

Tomorrowland is like something a science fiction-obsessed 12-year-old would come up with following a trip to Disneyland... Sure, there are some gaping plot holes, and the major theme is simplified to ring a bell with younger viewers, but that doesn't dampen the fun in the least. -- Mike McGranaghan [The Aisle Seat]

So what is your opinion? Does Disney have a "green leftist" adgenda? Or are they just trying to make an entertaining live action movie (with a lesson) for kids?

Watch this video for more on this and to laugh your butt off!

Thanks for reading! Until we see you next time... GEEK OUT & GAME ON.


Does Disney have a "green leftist" adgenda? Or are they just trying to make an entertaining live action movie (with a lesson) for kids?


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