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They've all come to Earth with some kind of mission in the past. Whether it was to hunt humans for sport or to actually take over the planet itself, they've become famous for invading a planet. That makes them the perfect team to infiltrate another planet that poses a potential threat to Earth and everyone on it. This variation of the Suicide Squad may seem a bit alien.

Suicide Squad - Alien Assailants

Xenomorph - Alien

The ruthless killer. The room-clearing melee animal with no regard for human life, or any other life for that matter. Xenomorphs have all sorts of weapons at their disposal. From a spear-like tail to acid blood, every part of this creature is lethal. Should the team find themselves in a sticky situation, unleashing this beast should get them out of it. Not to mention, they spread like wildfire, reproducing at a rate that can quickly make them the dominant species on any planet.

Predator - Predator

The hunter. The stealthy assassin wields endless amounts of unthinkable technology. He uses gruesome, spine-tingling weapons, each one of them more deadly than the next. But none of them are more deadly than his camouflage. Light-reflecting technology makes this killer virtually invisible. How can you fight such a killing machine, when you can't even see it coming? If there is a specific target the team needs to eliminate, the Predator will get the job done.

Venom - Marvel Comics

The muscle. Every team needs a little bit of brute force. Eddie Brock and his alien symbiote provide much more than a little bit. The already muscle-bound Brock is made so much more stronger by his other. While his goals have been to kill Spider-Man and protect innocents, he has proved that he will not let anything or anyone get in his way. He will not hesitate to leave a trail of destruction and bodies in his path to accomplish his goals.

Lord Zedd - Power Rangers

The leader. The ambitious extra-terrestrial thinks much bigger than the rest of the team. While the others may want to kill Spider-Man or just kill anyone and use their skull as a trophy, Zedd has much loftier goals in mind. Zedd seeks world domination. He wants to make the planet his own. Why not turn his attention to another planet? When Zedd sets his mind to it he proves to be a very formidable opponent for any force. He is known for commanding a never ending supply of assets. But he has never had assets quite like these.


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